My sister

I don’t get along with my sister at all. Sometimes she makes my stomach turn. We are very, very different people. In every way possible. She’s absolutely tiny in terms of weight. I’ve seen bigger legs hang out of nests. However she is a toned skinny. All her features are defined perfectly, her neck, hips, arms, almost toned, which Is surprising because she never exercises. Me, however. Im not thin, I’ve got a bit more weight than I’d like to possess… a lot more weight, actually. I’m conscious of wearing clothes that are not at least 2 sizes too big so that they look baggy, whilst Amy is happiest wearing a crop top and looks beautiful in a bikini on holiday. She wears glasses and has a very slight lazy eye that doesn’t really make an appearance until she’d had her glasses off for a while. Her hearing is quite bad, there’s talk of a hearing aid soon. She’s also had cosmetic surgery to reconstruct bones inside her head and to pin an ear back as it was effecting her hearing so much. Luckily, my senses are all intact. When I was at school, getting told off for something was NOT cool and I would beat myself up about it so much, whereas it seems Amy tries for this and then laughs when she’s punished. She got more detentions in a week than I did my entire high-school life. She HATES reading, I’ve written a book. She likes purple, I like pink. I like rock, pop punk, metal, screamo. She likes Justin Bieber, Taylor swift, one direction. My friends are mostly boys, hers are all girls. She cannot stand school and learning and education. I enjoy it. I do homework the night I get it, she does homework the morning it’s due… are you getting my point? NOTHING connects us as people apart from our last name. we’re just complete opposite beings. Despite this though, she’s still my sister. I know for a fact that when she gets hurt by anything or anyone, I cry a hell of a lot more than she does. I know if she is in trouble, I’ll do anything I can to help her. I’m so very glad she’s not a stuck up little girl who thinks she’s all that and more like half the girls in her year because I’d probably dislike her even more than I like to think I do. I don’t, though, I just really struggle to understand her way of thinking because it’s so different to my own. I love her though, I really do. Image


Christmas day 2013

I am writing to you from my new shiny laptop, which I am very lucky to have! 🙂

I also got a new pink toilet seat – partly as a joke because I always use my parents’ bathroom rather than my own.

I got lots of other stuff too, I’ve been incredibly spoilt.

especially, by Harvey, who got me tickets to a London theatre showing of Billy Elliot the musical, Its honestly the best present I have!

This year is the first Christmas that as a family we opened our presents Christmas morning, not at 6pm or boxing day which until recently we did. I felt like opening them at 9.30 was FAR too early, but it was great and we even had smoked salmon and scrambled egg on toast!

This Christmas has also been a really, really good one ( so far, I don’t want to speak too soon! ) literally the best I can remember. Its the first year we haven’t done food at the pub and working on the bar isn’t that bad – to be honest working Christmas day is never bad but  got lots of tips and it was kinda chilled.

Last year, Nanna passed  away and although its really sad not seeing her today I know nothing can make this Christmas worse than last year. The year before that, we spent most of the day in the hospital with Amy after her bandage slipped from an ear operation and then we had to go home and work and by the end of it we were pooped!

All in all, today’s been great so far; I’ve eaten an entire box of chocolates and I’m still excited for a  HUGE turkey roast dinner! I think we’re going to watch the movies I bought mum for Christmas, too.

I cant wait to spend new year with all my friends!

Chilli pepper earrings.

I’ve been working really hard on a story that i hope might be my best one yet. I’m not letting go of it until its absolutely perfect. Because I regret that with ‘away with the fairies’ because I feel it could have been amazing I just rushed it too much. There’s still time yet though, eh!
Anyways, here is an UNFINISHED chapter of the story I’m writing. It’s one towards the middle so don’t worry of you don’t understand. I hope you like it.

in the park, I kicked an empty coke can away from the bench I was sat on. School had ended at least two hours ago and I left Abbie to walk home alone, telling her I had an extra maths lesson.
I didn’t.
I just wanted to be somewhere, anywhere that wasn’t home.
‘You’ll catch a cold’ said a voice beside me.
I’d been too lost in my own thoughts to notice an old woman sat beside me on the park bench. I didn’t even notice her arrive.
I’d Been too lost in my own thought to notice the icy breeze that swept through the park taking the autumn leaves as it’s prisoners as the sun set.mum’d be home soon. I needed to leave.
I turned to look at the old woman. She was wrapped in several shawls and her long fingers that clasped them together around her shoulders were covered in golden rings.
‘Im fine.’ I replied, finally.
‘Here. How much those earrings worth?’ She gestured to my ears with one hand, keeping the other clasping her shawls to block out the cold. The woman spoke quietly, her accent hard to place. She looked Spanish, but her voice had a lovely rhythm. Mate Irish. Her dark hazel eyes gazed at me, she looked the type of woman to have many stories hidden deep in the wrinkles around her eyes. Her hair was darker than her eyes and streaks of silver glinted in the sun set at the top of her head as she leant towards me.
‘Um, not a lot.’ I said, confused.
‘Tis’ good luck for a beautiful woman to trade with an old Romany traveller.’ She said, taking out her own earrings as she spoke. She held out three small glass chilli peppers on a silver chain that hung from a stud out to me in her hand.her eyes were full of warmth as she spoke.
Something in those eyes made me do as she said. I took out my own pink rose stud earrings and placed them in the palm of her warm hands and took the chilli earrings from her. She put my earrings in immediately as I held hers cautiously, like the chilli’s were to burn my hand as I held them.
‘Erm, thank you’ I said. I flashed her a smile and picked up my school bag with my free hand. I stool up to leave. ‘Goodbye. It was nice meeting you’ I stumbled. ‘What was your name?’
‘Lily’ she smiled, looking straight into my eyes. She began to frown. ‘Look deeper into my eyes, child.’
I began to worry.
What if she hypnotised me?
But something in the underlying warmth of her eyes made me do it. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just stared bAck at her.
Her frown deepens as she looked up at me. ‘You need to leave’ she whispered.
‘Yes, I’m going now.’ I smiled.
I turned to leave as she said louder and even more serious now, ‘no. You need to leave your home.’ She looked at me desperately. Like she was begging me to do as she asked.’im not to give bad news but mark my words it will be bad news if you don’t leave now.’ She stood up and only just matched my height. Her cold and shaking hands rose and she placed them on my cheeks. ‘Pleas child, leave’ she whispered, pleading. ‘oh.. Okay.’ I mumbled, too scared to speak. I backed away from her hands and began to run through the park.i didn’t stop there. I ran through the town and straight to my front door.

I hope you liked it. Like I said it needs some work, but let me know what you think. X

Its been ages..

Its been ages since I wrote properly last, I suppose i’ve been busy with exams and plans and all that, that I haven’t had any motivation to write. 

When I’m bored my mind goes off and creates all sorts of stories and things that I can’t wait to write down, but seeing as i’ve been busy my mind is busy with exams and work and school that  it hasn’t had chance to wonder off. 

But now im getting huge urges to read a really good book or write more on the one im writing at the moment, but I cant afford to get distracted with all the things I have going on so will have to blog instead, which is always fun. 

Its also hard for me to go back to the book im writing. My Nanna was always the first one to read anything I wrote.She was the first one to read ‘Away with the fairies’ and was the first one to have a copy before it was published. So I named the character in this story ‘Veronica’ to surprise her when she read this one. Yet she didn’t live to let me finish it. 😦 now I don’t like writing about a woman named Veronica when MY veronica isnt here anymore. But at the same time, I dont want to have to go back through it and change the name of the character all the way through my writing. I’ll do something when I get to it I suppose.

I’ll definitely write sometime soon though, when exams are over and my charity event has been and gone, i’ll be more than ready to fly away somewhere new.

My instagram is @kaylaagarnett if you’d like to give me a follo. wink wink nudge nudge. You can find my twitter details on my blog’s homepage. But if not, its @michaelagarnett 

Love from me x

I’m so bad at this!

I’m so bad at being a blogger.
I just don’t blog, and if I do.. It’s about stuff people don’t want to read about. Oh dear. I WILL try to be a better blogger and I’m going to follow plenty of people as to get inspiration. 🙂
I hope it works this time.
me 🙂 x


recently, i seem to have gained quite a few… followers? is that what we call them? 

so I just wanted to express my thanks to all of you blogging boffins that are taking the time to read my posts, because in all honestly i never thought anyone would. i didnt think anyone would follow me either, but you have.. so thankyou, so much!!
i do try to post as often as i can, i know i’m not a daily blogger, but my time is split in so many directions i get dizzy!
i’ll write soon!


Appreciation for Parents.

At this age, you think you know it all.
But we don’t.

we wouldn’t be anything without our mum’s and dads.

we wouldn’t have clean clothes, a nice, cooked dinner on the table. We wouldn’t have the money to pay for things such as the broadband so many of us can’t imagine life without.

We wouldn’t have ANYTHING, and we certainly don’t show them the appreciation they deserve.

Parents are the ones who, first and foremost, gave us the greatest gift of all; the gift of LIFE. without them, I wouldn’t be here writing this, and you wouldn’t be there reading it. After that they go on to feed us, clothe us, teach us to talk, to walk, to run. They are the ones who kiss that poorly knee better once you’ve fallen of the bike Dad taught you to ride and Mum saved up to buy for you. Parents enrol us into school to give us a good, qualitative education and they teach us wrong from right.

They are the ones we go to for advice, the ones that make christmas happen (That doesn’t just happen, You know. Parents literally put blood, sweat and a lot of money into making christmas what it is.), that buy our birthday cakes and presents, they shed that proud tear when you say that one line you have in the school play you’ve been practicing for months.

They had a life once before they brought us into the world. They could go out when they pleased to see friends or go to see a film or to drink, yet they gave most of it up so that they could care for you and let you live the life they substituted for you.

They save and they work to earn the money that makes your world go round.

Yet we take that for granted.

‘My mum’s a bitch.’ When she won’t let you go to see the new band you like without an adult, because you’re not old enough to look after yourself, even if you think you are, the minute that big strong man see’s you and picks you up, you have no chance.

She isn’t doing it to be a bitch, she’s doing it to protect you.

I’ve done it, I still do. I take my parents for granted every single day. Those little things they spend time doing,  that make the difference.

‘Dad’s a douche’ because he wont give YOU the ten pounds that YOU want to spend on a new top. That ten pounds HE worked for. HE spent time earning?

What gives you the right to take that away from him?

I’m not saying the kids of this generation are bad kids, I’m saying sometimes we all forget how much our parents worked for us, fought for us, bought for us, gave up for us.

They made their own lives harder, so ours could be great.

Say Thank you to them.

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