30 day challenge – day 4

Okay, so I decided to skip number 4 out, it was ‘what you wear to bed.’ Clothes. I wear either clothes such as my boyfriends big jumpers or my own t-shirts an leggings or trackies.
That’s it. That would have been the end of today’s post!
So I thought I’d make up my own replacement.

No. I just wrote a mahoosive post and pressed the wrong thing on my phone – my post was gone and I was left with a picture I’d copied and pasted earlier. I refuse to re-start because it’ll never be as good as my first post. HOW ANNOYING!
That was day 4, ladies and gents.

P.S. if you’d like to see what replaced my post for day four, feel free.



If anyone would like to know, my tumblr is :
It’s where I post especially personal thoughts/feelings/emotions 🙂
I also post a lot of pictures of pugs.