McDonald’s at 7am.

So, this morning we went to get the train to Crewe so we could get a McDonalds breakfast.
We had to run to the station, because we were a little late leaving. This resulted in getting to the station only a minute before the train did. Therefore, we had no time to buy a ticket on the platform.
As we went to board the trAin, a greasy haired, blatantly single platform guard that looked as if he was only a few years older than us anyway stopped us and told us we weren’t to get onto the train without a ticket.
‘There isn’t enough time to get one’
‘There was plenty of time to buy a ticket whilst you were stood around.’
‘There’s a ticket officer on the train we’ll pay him.’
‘Nope. Buy a ticket here.’
‘We’ll miss the train!’
‘So? Get the next one!’
By then the train had gone but two of my friends had jumped on whilst the rest of us were busy arguing.
So we ended up going into the office to buy a ticket from the grumpy old and really rather rude ticket man.
Upon asking for a child’s ticket, he told us we weren’t allowed one until we proved we were under 16.
‘You are blatantly only saying that because you don’t like us and want to annoy us even more because we didn’t buy a ticket first.’
‘No. You need ID. If you’re not 16, why aren’t you in school?’
‘Were 15 and we’ve finished school.’
‘You don’t leave school when you’re 15.’
obviously do, because we did, ape.
‘We’re young ones. We don’t have our birthdays until August.’
genuine truth.
‘Oh, how convienient for you all. Funny how you all have August birthdays!’
‘Fine, we’ll pay adult fares.’

I was so angry!
Thanks for the rant.
Love from me x


Bath time

So I’m in the bath and I thought I’d write.
I’m sure I will plenty over the summer.
I’ve been back two days and already done so much!
We got home at 10am. I went straight to my neighbours to see them and HIV them some gifts, after a quick coffee there, I met Sarah at my house where we had lunch with Harvey. Then we watched criminal minds, on which I got her hooked.
Then Harvey’s mum came to pick him up, as Becca got dropped off at mine. Turns out our parents were really good friends when they were younger and worked together. The first thing my dad said to her mum was ‘well, you’ve definitely enlarged in the breast department since we last spoke.’
Well done, dad.
Then the night was completed with yet more criminal minds, the stalking of ‘Matthew grey gubler.’ One of the actors( a gorgeous actor.) and a Chinese.
Then yesterday I posted numerous letters personally to the company’s that donated to the charity event I held. Then I met my friends for a picnic by the river, then we camped in Sarah’s garden and i probably got the most sleep of three hours.
We went to McDonald’s at 7.30am, but that story needs a whole other post.
Now I’ve just returned from a college open day.
All very fun.
Sleep now.
Love from me x