Thought I’d write a quick post whilst Harvey (tries) to change the bulbs in my bathroom (it’s a mans job)
I haven’t written lately, not sure why just haven’t had the motivation to write. Anywho, I’ve got exams in two weeks and my revision hasn’t been as intense as it should be but it’s too late to change that now.
Next week I am meeting a man who works for the charity ‘dEBra’ (google it. Great charity.) to talk to him about a huge charity event I am holding, at least I hope it will be huge. It’s for an amazing cause. (Facebook Michaela Garnett or the red lion project if you would like to know more/donate) so last minute plans can be spoken about before i put them on hold for the beginning of exams.
I’ve had my hair highlighted blonde and a really good conditioning treatment put onto it. I have to say I’m feeling like I’m off the loreal advert.
My feet smell. I’m off to wash them before Harvey smells them… Maybe he already has! :O



I’m still trying to post every day but finding it hard to find inspiration, which is weird considering I’m a writer.
Today I was going to talk about prom.
If any of you readers (are people reading these? Idk.) are my age you’ll know that prom season is coming along and all the girls and possibly some boys are getting super excited…yet super bitchy.
I’ve always said I wouldn’t be, and I’d get the dress I want and not care what anyone thought, but It’s been so long and I can’t keep telling myself that anymore.
Girls do care about what I wear and I know it. I think I’ll die of humiliation of anyone were to wear the same dress as me or laughed at my outfit, and I automatically think ‘oh that’s nice’ or ‘that will NOT suit her’ if I see a dress a girl will wear to prom, so I know the more bitchy girls in my year think the same if not worse.

That’s my prom dress, ignore my face I was talking!
If there is anyone reading this, leave A comment? Is your school as bitchy as mine?
Girls are falling out over the same colour dress. Making comments about their best friend looking bad in a dress.
It drives me crazy!