A good book

Oh my days, I was desperate to write a post and I thought i’d do it from my computer to be faster than doing it on my phone – turns out that wasn’t the case. I had to wait F-O-R-E-V-E-R for Internet explorer to load, only when It had loaded did I realize that my mum’s office computer isn’t as ancient as my little laptop and actually had Google Chrome Installed. Then as the page was loading There was this big red Flashy thing informing me I had won an iPad. Nice try, Internet Explorer. The only thing I gained from that Alert box was a headache.

Anyway, back to the post..

I love it when it gets colder nights and It goes darker earlier each night. I don’t appreciate the rain though, all cold and makes you jeans stick uncomfortably and makes your hair look greasy and hang all limp and POO.

However, The cold, dark nights make me all cosy, that was the point.

This morning, during first period, I started to read ‘The fault in our stars.’ Its got a very good reputation as an incredibly tragic and romantic book so I thought I’d give it a go. Safe to say if I haven’t read it all by first period tomorrow i’ll be surprised. Amazing, amazing book already and I’m only 3/5 of the way through it. I’ve laughed and I’ve cried and I cant wait to do more of that in the very near future.

Back to feeling cosy, (oh my god red zigzag lines. NO, AMERICAN SPELL CHECK, I AM NOT INCAPABLE OF SPELLING.)

I was reading this book tonight at the train station, again on the 3 minute train ride and then i even read it as I did the 4 minute walk back to my house. Granted, I stepped in quite a few puddles and may have reared off into the road a couple of times. The pages got all spotty because of the rain so i’m hoping the library woman will have her fit about that AFTER I’ve returned it and walked safely out of the college premises. All totally worth it.

I got home, walked up the front steps, opened the front door, said hello to my mum and dad, dodged the pool table ( do not forget I live in a pub,) and got upstairs into my room, kicked off my shoes, pulled off my jeans and crawled under my duvet all without looking up. Then I lay there, all cosy and warm in my bed both laughing and crying at this book which will definitely be a new favourite of mine. I cannot tell you how nice it was to just get lost for an hour without my phone buzzing. I’m pretty sure its one of those books that has one of those huge impacts on you for a couple of days afterwards, where you wish with all your heart that the book would never end or that you could just live in the world of those pages but you can never reread it because it just wont be as magical and enigmatic and i’m rambling shush Michaela.

Its put me into the mood where I just want to write and write and write, I get so much inspiration! I CANNOT go back to away with the fairies though, because I know that once I do It’ll consume me and I wont want to stop and to be honest I’m struggling  to find time for friends, family, college work, a job, a boyfriend, a blog, a diet, the internet, a criminal minds addiction AND a book (both writing and reading) . Not gonna happen, my brain is not clever enough to comprehend that much activity. However I do have a long, long list of books I want to read thanks to A-Level Literature introducing me to so many authors I’ve never met.

Congratulations, You just wasted approximately 4 minutes reading this post about what is going on in Michaela’s little brain. But thanks, anyways. Always open to new authors to add to my forever growing list.

Love from me.x


Big News.

Big news, this is my 60th post on this here blog that few visit and even fewer care about.
That isnt my big news, infact, the news Im about to report isnt even that big – maybe for me, but probably not for you.
This evening, I decided to take it upon myself to contact a range of publishers and editors regarding my book. the email went something like this:

My name Is Michaela Garnett. I am 15 years old and recently self published my book ‘Away with the fairies.’ with an american organisation ‘Author House.’
However, I feel that my book could benefit more from the likes of an organisation such as yours.
Away with the fairies is a children’s fantasy. The protaganist, Poppy finds herself orphaned after her grandmothers death, and so goes in search of the fairy land her grandmother told her stories about. Naturally, once she finds this fairy world, she falls in love with it’s prince whom is already engaged, yet his fiancee is power hungry and this consumes her, resulting in her being unable to have compassion for anything but wealth and power.
I feel my story is GOOD and has alot of depth to it that most modern books need to succeed. However, my narrative skills aren’t what they need to be for my book to succeed.The depth I know could be there is either too obvious or goes unnoticed. It is like an unfinished manuscript and I regret deeply rushing into the publishing process.
I feel that with the help of a professional, my book can be great.

I didnt even finish the email. This is because I found myself already imagining the response.

No novel is to be expected of a girl of just fifteen, especially as you were younger still when you wrote the book.
Your book will only benefit from your own hard work and persistance, not ours.
The book sounds interesting, and if you’re not happy with it, do something about it. You’re narrative skills will come with practice and so that is what you should do.
you’re right to regret the rush – but it doesnt mean its over.
dont ask for help when you havent tried helping yourself.

so that’s that. I will use what Author house have given me as tools to develop as an author and I will re-write Away with the fairies and perhaps create a novel rather than a childrens book.
I wont self publish my perfected novel, because if it’s not good enough to be picked up by a big company who believes my novel will do well enough for them to work for free, it isnt good enough.
hopefully, if it takes off,my original published book will be worth more than £10.00 per book, because they will be officially ‘ORIGINAL.’
I think me and my parents are the only one’s excited about this.
Due to this desicion, I will be removing the chapters previously posted on this website. I didnt post any chapters for a while because I was waiting for somebody to ask me to, because they WANTED to read it. so if you did, you’ll have to purchase a book or suffer a couple of years.
Love from me x

29th April


I’m not feeling it today.

I’m feeling pretty down, i’m not too sure why.

Lonely despite the friends I have, sad despite how lucky I am to have everything and everybody around me. I feel so bad:(

I took my brother and Sister out for a 50 pound meal after school and for a brief period I was pretty happy, now i’m back home and to reality and I’m ready to cry into my pillow after writing this post.



i’m surrounded by happiness yet i feel like i’m in my own little bubble of poo where everything is poo and I just feel so guilty about it.

There’s so much on my mind, exams, family life, school, friends, appearance, blah blah blahhhhh.

Anyways, I’m excited to start posting chapters from my book.

sorry this post has been poo.

i’m going to get a cup of tea, have a cry and go to sleep I think.

I’ll post something you’ll Actually want to read tomorrow.

Night x


My friends mean the world to me

This is some of us on our way to an imagine dragons concert.



I’m so bad at this!

I’m so bad at being a blogger.
I just don’t blog, and if I do.. It’s about stuff people don’t want to read about. Oh dear. I WILL try to be a better blogger and I’m going to follow plenty of people as to get inspiration. 🙂
I hope it works this time.
me 🙂 x


recently, i seem to have gained quite a few… followers? is that what we call them? 

so I just wanted to express my thanks to all of you blogging boffins that are taking the time to read my posts, because in all honestly i never thought anyone would. i didnt think anyone would follow me either, but you have.. so thankyou, so much!!
i do try to post as often as i can, i know i’m not a daily blogger, but my time is split in so many directions i get dizzy!
i’ll write soon!


Appreciation for Parents.

At this age, you think you know it all.
But we don’t.

we wouldn’t be anything without our mum’s and dads.

we wouldn’t have clean clothes, a nice, cooked dinner on the table. We wouldn’t have the money to pay for things such as the broadband so many of us can’t imagine life without.

We wouldn’t have ANYTHING, and we certainly don’t show them the appreciation they deserve.

Parents are the ones who, first and foremost, gave us the greatest gift of all; the gift of LIFE. without them, I wouldn’t be here writing this, and you wouldn’t be there reading it. After that they go on to feed us, clothe us, teach us to talk, to walk, to run. They are the ones who kiss that poorly knee better once you’ve fallen of the bike Dad taught you to ride and Mum saved up to buy for you. Parents enrol us into school to give us a good, qualitative education and they teach us wrong from right.

They are the ones we go to for advice, the ones that make christmas happen (That doesn’t just happen, You know. Parents literally put blood, sweat and a lot of money into making christmas what it is.), that buy our birthday cakes and presents, they shed that proud tear when you say that one line you have in the school play you’ve been practicing for months.

They had a life once before they brought us into the world. They could go out when they pleased to see friends or go to see a film or to drink, yet they gave most of it up so that they could care for you and let you live the life they substituted for you.

They save and they work to earn the money that makes your world go round.

Yet we take that for granted.

‘My mum’s a bitch.’ When she won’t let you go to see the new band you like without an adult, because you’re not old enough to look after yourself, even if you think you are, the minute that big strong man see’s you and picks you up, you have no chance.

She isn’t doing it to be a bitch, she’s doing it to protect you.

I’ve done it, I still do. I take my parents for granted every single day. Those little things they spend time doing,  that make the difference.

‘Dad’s a douche’ because he wont give YOU the ten pounds that YOU want to spend on a new top. That ten pounds HE worked for. HE spent time earning?

What gives you the right to take that away from him?

I’m not saying the kids of this generation are bad kids, I’m saying sometimes we all forget how much our parents worked for us, fought for us, bought for us, gave up for us.

They made their own lives harder, so ours could be great.

Say Thank you to them.

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