Okay, so this post MIGHT get a little soppy, so you should stop reading of you have a weak stomach. 😉
I really want to write about my boyfriend, Harvey. (Without his permission. Sorry Harvey!)
Along with my family and friends, he’s one of my favourite people in the world and I could go on forever telling you why.
He’s got such lovely shiny eyes. They’re greeny brown. Sometimes more of one than the other. I love it when he winks at me when our eyes meet across the room or he catches me looking at them, I love the way he scrunches them up when he laughs and how the turn upwards at the sides when he smiles.
His hair is a lovely colour. Kind of ginger, but a little more blonde. It’s shiny and straight and I could comb my fingers through it for hours.
His family are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met; his mum is such a lovely person. She’ll do anything for you if it means she’s helping and she can talk for hours, She makes me feel so comfortable around her and will always cheer me up when it’s needed. Harvey’s dad is just as lovely, too; always happy to ask how I am and always has a huge grin just like Harvey does.
His sister is absolutely beautiful ( and crazy!) and is just like my own little sister. Their Grandma is just as lovely and always makes me feel at home.

I have to stand on my tip toes to kiss Harvey, to hug him and to even talk to him without staring at his chest, but I like that he’s taller than me (6ft 3″) to be exact! (I think?) he will sit on a wall so that I can talk to him without us having to strain our necks if I’m stood up.
He’s actually really, really funny. I’m not sure how he gets his face in certain ways, but he pulls the funniest looks and the most random, funny accents and things come from his mouth.
He’ll never let me forget our little inside jokes like the time the train man stuttered when he said ‘Chelford’ and we couldn’t stop laughing, and we decided train conductors were jealous of couples and weren’t to see us showing affection. He’ll recite the ‘cuppycake song’ to me very often just to be extra cringey;) he won’t let me forget the time I sang ‘mysterious Harvey’ in the style of Peter Andre nor the time he said my bum was like a watermelon.
We’ll dance around my room with no music playing and he’ll let me run up to him and jump into his arms over and over again because I find it so much fun.
He still keeps the list of gummy bear flavours I made in order of preference and doesn’t mind when I suck off all the sugar on jelly beans and just leave him the flavourless beans. (He does mind this, I just pretend he doesn’t)
He’s absolutely perfect and I couldn’t ever wish for anyone better to be in love with.




Good morning:)
Just before I start rambling on, PLEASE look at my last post, ‘just an idea’, it would mean alot.. If you shared it I’d love you even more:)
Anyways, today is Saturday, hence the title, Saturday, and my first day off in a while. I took advantage of this by turning off my alarm last night and planned to sleep in until at least 11.
That Didn’t work out, I got a text at 7 that woke me up so I may as well have set my alarm anyways.
I did go back to sleep though until around 10.
I’m spending my day off wisely, by going to my best friends dance show with all my other best friends. I’m hoping it will be really good. But she is a really good dancer so I know it will be.:)
Then I am going to spend the evening in with my boyfriend so I’m not too tired for work on Sunday.
I can’t wait for summer so I can have more days off and exams will be over!
Last night was my cousin’s birthday. She turned 21 and our whole family got together for a meal. She didn’t know this though, so there were plenty of tears when she saw us all waiting eagerly with balloons and presents, I’m really glad she enjoyed it. I did too! I got to see some cousins i hardly ever see and had a really good laugh with them all. Here’s a picture of all the balloons she got!:)

Maybe I’ll post later today and let you know how my days been (not that you care) or if anything if significance has happened so that I can document it and remember it. These are precious times, you know. 🙂

Just an idea.

In order to get my book across to readers without making them pay, I will be posting one chapter a day from my book throughout may. These can be found on the ‘away with the fairies’ page on my wordpress blog:)
This means you can comment on each chapter as it goes and let me know what you think/ will happen or whatever you would like to comment. This also means you won’t be over faced with a whole book and can read a chapter a Night or wait until the end of may go read the whole thing.
So, let me know what you think of this idea & whether or not you’d like it?
Thanks:) x

Leaving school

It’s getting to the end of the year, exams are on the horizon and everyone’s getting ready to say goodbye. I have 4 chemistry lessons left. 4.
I genuinely said ‘SHIT’ loudly when our teacher Announced that. The realisation of the fact I have an exam in chemistry after 4 more lessons and the fact school time with my friends is nearly over hit me in that short moment she told us we have 4 lessons left.
Soon I’ll start college- which don’t get me wrong I’m so excited about – and I’ll say goodbye to the majority of my friends and all of my teachers and have to start all over again getting to know a new place and new people. I don’t want to 😦
My friends are absolutely insane and I can’t imagine a school day without them, how is this happening so soon? It feels like yesterday I started in year 7 and was awkwardly stating my name for the people in my class in a hope to make friends.
Why do the government this is okay? Letting us spend 4 years getting to know people and building up relationships with the people you love and then suddenly when you turn 16 they take it away and send you off to start again at college.
Sorry for the over dramatic description.
I’m not happy about this.