Tim Burton’s Mothers day tears and fire alarms

What I don’t get, is why Alice went home.

In Tim Burton’s version, she doesn’t have a wonderful relationship with her mother, her father is dead, her sister is off and married, she doesn’t like her friends and she doesn’t want to marry Haymitch. She just doesn’t want to be there. Of course, she had duties and what not but to be honest, ‘Underland’, full of such unimaginable creativity, ruled by the white Queen just seemed like a much better option to somebody in her position to be honest.

Then again, it was all a dream, so it’s very well she chose to go home because she’d have just woken up in that rabbit hole disappointed anyway.

I think I’ll read the book again in summer. There’s too much revision that has to come first so I  cant read it now. POOP.

Haven’t continued with my happiness posts in a while. I’ve been pretty busy and if I do find time i’m too tired to find things i’m happy about.

Today is mother’s day. 

Amy, William and I decided we’d surprise mum by getting up really early and making breakfast for us all. HOWEVER, as we were all creeping around the kitchen, I was cooking bacon, William was setting the table and Amy was writing out the card and wrapping Mum’s presents, I accidentally burnt the bacon and the fire alarm, which rings through the entire pub and house started to SCREAM. We ran around frantically opening every single door and window in the building like turning it off quicker was actually going to prevent mum from waking up and spoiling the surprise. She shortly came running down in her dressing gown, followed promptly by my dad in his boxers ( a sight I NEVER wish to see ever again ) and took the bacon, which was still slowly cremating away on the hob ( I left it cooking in all the commotion) and threw it in the sink. ‘WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON’ is all my half asleep father could say about three times before finally disconnecting the three or four fire alarms throughout the pub as Amy tried to hide mum’s presents from her and William hid from my dad’s rage.

I instantly burst into tears and cried ‘ I WAS JUST TRYING TO MAKE BREAAAAKFAAAAAAST’ and mum just started to laugh…. alot. and Dad’s expression softened as he hugged me. I was the laughing stock of the family.

Anyway, Mum scraped away the remains of the bacon and helped me start again before going upstairs to ‘pretend it never happened’, Dad went and bought us some more eggs ( the first ones were ruined ) Amy made a pot of tea and Williiam finished setting the table. 

The breakfast was lovely, the letter and presents us children got Mum made her AND DAD cry like babies ( or me half an hour before. ) and we got called ‘the best children ever.’ 

If brownie points were money i’d be living in a disney castle with a pink porsche by now.

Im very, very sleepy.

Love from me. x




Today is Sunday, the ‘day of rest’ for Christians such as myself. However I’m not resting I am in work.
Being a waitress isn’t too bad and fairly easy if you’re not afraid of talking to people.
I serve fairly old people on a Sunday afternoon.
on a Saturday and in the week I work on the bar for occasions and events such as football, it’s quite entertaining I suppose, especially when the local farmers get drunk.
Living in a pub can be very exciting, there’s so much drama we could maybe change the name from ‘the red lion’ to the ‘queen vic.’ There’s unnecessary fights between drunken farmers, but rather a lot of love:)
The other day, a few of the locals and I were sat in the garden and decided to set up chairs as bases and play a game of rounders. It was so much fun:)
At Christmas, the mistletoe comes out and everyone sings carols and gives cuddles… And if there’s enough drinks down them, they’re not afraid to have a dance with eachother.
There’s bitchyness too though between some of the locals and isn’t just between the girls. It’s pretty immature and really ruins the vibe of happiness throughout the pub. It’s immature and sometimes pretty selfish. I’m 15 and act older sometimes. Stories get stirred and people get accused of things.
That’s why I hate it and can’t wait to leave. It’s a shame because I love all the locals so, so much.
Sorry if anyone reading this was offended. Personal thoughts.

***please have a look at my ‘just an idea’ post under ‘rambling on..’***