Today has been a simple day but its been a lovely one.
If you’d read my previous posts you’d know that I have this kind of obsessive love for criminal minds. I’m very lucky in the fact that three of my bestfriends share this with love with me.
So, we spent the day on my sofa, with bags of crisps, packets of strawberry laces, bars of chocolate and bowls of chips. We ate and ate whilst we watched criminal minds one episode after the other. We watched all our favourite ones ( mainly the ones that starred spencer) again and again. I loved it. We occasionally paused it and talked about random things like people & the future, our plans and even got onto the topic of religion.
Then we went for a walk and stopped at the park we haven’t been to in years. That was nice because we just got to swing and talk about the days when we’d run to get the middle swing and try and kick each other as we got higher.
It’s been so simple but so lovely. Now we’re all in my bed, talking and laughing and it’s just so lovely. I genuinely hope that it stays this way forever & college doesn’t change the relationship we have now in any way but for the better.


Criminal minds

I LOVE criminal minds! But I just saw an episode that scares me so so much, but it wasn’t that scary!
If anyone reading is a CM fan, you might have seen the episodes where Reid is kidnapped by a man with multiple personalities. One is the other’s seriously religious father, and his son is so afraid and weak he’ll do whatever he’s told. The third personality is in the middle and what the man likes to call an angel, who is working for god.
Anyway, the father personality keeps beating spencer Reid up because he believes he has sinned and must confessed them. Now watching anybody torture another person and streaming a recording live to his FBI team mates is hard enough- but Reid is my all time favourite character! He’s so loveable and clever and awkward and pretty good looking. I totally adore this made up man.
Watching some crazy religious guy punching him and touching his feet (I hate feet) is so horrible. Then the good personality comes along, and helps Reid, not to the extent of freeing him- as he believes his father will always catch them- but by giving him water and injecting a drug into him to make him sleep- stopping the pain.
It’s obvious that Reid will get addicted to the drug, because he protests less and less about recieving it each time.
Anyway, he’s being made to dig his own grave in which he’ll be buried alive in and the FBI save him. He kills multiple personality guy, and the good and frightened son personality thanks him. But before leaving, Reid secretly takes the drugs from his pockets and puts them in his own. Totally knew that.
Aaaaanyway, now I’m really scared. Not because of that- but the MP guy was watching people in their houses an appearing from nowhere and just killing people for being ‘sinners’.
I’m jumping at every sound and I haven even had a shower tonight because I’m terrified I’ll step out and there’ll be a knife waiting for me.
Safe to say I’m keeping the light on tonight!!
Love from me! X