My sister

I don’t get along with my sister at all. Sometimes she makes my stomach turn. We are very, very different people. In every way possible. She’s absolutely tiny in terms of weight. I’ve seen bigger legs hang out of nests. However she is a toned skinny. All her features are defined perfectly, her neck, hips, arms, almost toned, which Is surprising because she never exercises. Me, however. Im not thin, I’ve got a bit more weight than I’d like to possess… a lot more weight, actually. I’m conscious of wearing clothes that are not at least 2 sizes too big so that they look baggy, whilst Amy is happiest wearing a crop top and looks beautiful in a bikini on holiday. She wears glasses and has a very slight lazy eye that doesn’t really make an appearance until she’d had her glasses off for a while. Her hearing is quite bad, there’s talk of a hearing aid soon. She’s also had cosmetic surgery to reconstruct bones inside her head and to pin an ear back as it was effecting her hearing so much. Luckily, my senses are all intact. When I was at school, getting told off for something was NOT cool and I would beat myself up about it so much, whereas it seems Amy tries for this and then laughs when she’s punished. She got more detentions in a week than I did my entire high-school life. She HATES reading, I’ve written a book. She likes purple, I like pink. I like rock, pop punk, metal, screamo. She likes Justin Bieber, Taylor swift, one direction. My friends are mostly boys, hers are all girls. She cannot stand school and learning and education. I enjoy it. I do homework the night I get it, she does homework the morning it’s due… are you getting my point? NOTHING connects us as people apart from our last name. we’re just complete opposite beings. Despite this though, she’s still my sister. I know for a fact that when she gets hurt by anything or anyone, I cry a hell of a lot more than she does. I know if she is in trouble, I’ll do anything I can to help her. I’m so very glad she’s not a stuck up little girl who thinks she’s all that and more like half the girls in her year because I’d probably dislike her even more than I like to think I do. I don’t, though, I just really struggle to understand her way of thinking because it’s so different to my own. I love her though, I really do. Image


30 day challenge – day 6

I’m a bit behind on posting, I’ve spent the week at goostrey primary doing some voluntary work experience, I loved it so much!
However, as soon as I got home Friday afternoon, I started to feel really ill – I feel sick, have a headache, snotty nose, sore throat, I’m so weak- it’s horrible.
It’s eight minutes past eight and I haven’t moved from my bed all day, I can’t ever remember feeling this weak and rubbish! I keep crying but that’s really painful – it hurts to turn over.
Day 6 is the person i like and why I like them.
I’m in love with Harvey and there are so many reasons why.
For instance, today Harvey’s brought me endless cups of tea and even called me from downstairs asking if I wanted anything. He’s so thoughtful and kind- will give me anything I ask for. He remembers every little thing I say and he’s just so sweet.
He makes me happy, so, so happy. I literally feel as if I’ve been consumed in happiness when I’m with him- I’ve even been asked if I’d been drinking once when I’ve been with him.
There are a gazillion reasons why I love harvington. But I think I’ll save them so I can tell him personally.
Love from me. X


So, my prom was this Thursday, I thought I’d share some photo’s.
I’m the one with curly blonde hair in the blue dress. My boyfriend is the tall ginger. My best friends are all the other people in the photo’s and they mean the absolute world to me.







Home sweet home.

Hola 🙂
After finally finishing my GCSE exams and celebrating by shopping in Manchester with my friends, my family, my boyfriend and I went to Portugal for a week. It was lovely.
My parents needed to relax, me and Harvey did after finishing exams an the other two (that’s what we all call my brother and sister when we are talking about them together..) weren’t bothered as long as there was a pool they could swim about in!
Most days we lazed by the pool, or walked to the beach that was only 5 minutes away. We went on a bannana boat ride, where they attempt too throw you off a big inflatable bannana that is tied to the end of a speed boat into the sea.
All in all, very fun.
Now I’m home and unfortunately back to reality, which I suppose for the moment isn’t too bad. I have a gazillion letters to post to donors to the red lion project, I still haven’t split te money ad wrote out cheques and sent them and I have 2 days to send off a college application form. All this in between the uncontrollable urge to slob and watch ‘criminal minds’ until my eyes turn square. I’m genuinely worried about my lack of energy.
Probably because my diet is FAILING! Not even a diet there anymore. It’s so bad. REALLY need to get back into it!
Love from me x


Thought I’d write a quick post whilst Harvey (tries) to change the bulbs in my bathroom (it’s a mans job)
I haven’t written lately, not sure why just haven’t had the motivation to write. Anywho, I’ve got exams in two weeks and my revision hasn’t been as intense as it should be but it’s too late to change that now.
Next week I am meeting a man who works for the charity ‘dEBra’ (google it. Great charity.) to talk to him about a huge charity event I am holding, at least I hope it will be huge. It’s for an amazing cause. (Facebook Michaela Garnett or the red lion project if you would like to know more/donate) so last minute plans can be spoken about before i put them on hold for the beginning of exams.
I’ve had my hair highlighted blonde and a really good conditioning treatment put onto it. I have to say I’m feeling like I’m off the loreal advert.
My feet smell. I’m off to wash them before Harvey smells them… Maybe he already has! :O

Ollie the pup

I’m not in school today. Literally feeling so low I don’t want to talk to anybody.
If you’re going to complain about ‘pathetic teenage girls’ stop reading now.
I didn’t sleep much at all last night, Either. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, there’s just too much to feel low about.
Anyways, today I’m trying to cheer myself up. That’s why I am sat in the sunny garden in my boyfriends baggy jumper revising maths (which I’m failing, wahoo.) whilst my little puppy named ollie runs about on the grass.
I’m Aching and my stomach hurts for an unknown reason. Later I’m going to get some work done for a charity day I’m organising (the red lion project if anyone in the area wants to know/come) and maybe feel better about myself!
Two days until I can post chapter one if away with the fairies, I hope you can read it. 🙂


Leaving school

It’s getting to the end of the year, exams are on the horizon and everyone’s getting ready to say goodbye. I have 4 chemistry lessons left. 4.
I genuinely said ‘SHIT’ loudly when our teacher Announced that. The realisation of the fact I have an exam in chemistry after 4 more lessons and the fact school time with my friends is nearly over hit me in that short moment she told us we have 4 lessons left.
Soon I’ll start college- which don’t get me wrong I’m so excited about – and I’ll say goodbye to the majority of my friends and all of my teachers and have to start all over again getting to know a new place and new people. I don’t want to 😦
My friends are absolutely insane and I can’t imagine a school day without them, how is this happening so soon? It feels like yesterday I started in year 7 and was awkwardly stating my name for the people in my class in a hope to make friends.
Why do the government this is okay? Letting us spend 4 years getting to know people and building up relationships with the people you love and then suddenly when you turn 16 they take it away and send you off to start again at college.
Sorry for the over dramatic description.
I’m not happy about this.

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