Big News.

Big news, this is my 60th post on this here blog that few visit and even fewer care about.
That isnt my big news, infact, the news Im about to report isnt even that big – maybe for me, but probably not for you.
This evening, I decided to take it upon myself to contact a range of publishers and editors regarding my book. the email went something like this:

My name Is Michaela Garnett. I am 15 years old and recently self published my book ‘Away with the fairies.’ with an american organisation ‘Author House.’
However, I feel that my book could benefit more from the likes of an organisation such as yours.
Away with the fairies is a children’s fantasy. The protaganist, Poppy finds herself orphaned after her grandmothers death, and so goes in search of the fairy land her grandmother told her stories about. Naturally, once she finds this fairy world, she falls in love with it’s prince whom is already engaged, yet his fiancee is power hungry and this consumes her, resulting in her being unable to have compassion for anything but wealth and power.
I feel my story is GOOD and has alot of depth to it that most modern books need to succeed. However, my narrative skills aren’t what they need to be for my book to succeed.The depth I know could be there is either too obvious or goes unnoticed. It is like an unfinished manuscript and I regret deeply rushing into the publishing process.
I feel that with the help of a professional, my book can be great.

I didnt even finish the email. This is because I found myself already imagining the response.

No novel is to be expected of a girl of just fifteen, especially as you were younger still when you wrote the book.
Your book will only benefit from your own hard work and persistance, not ours.
The book sounds interesting, and if you’re not happy with it, do something about it. You’re narrative skills will come with practice and so that is what you should do.
you’re right to regret the rush – but it doesnt mean its over.
dont ask for help when you havent tried helping yourself.

so that’s that. I will use what Author house have given me as tools to develop as an author and I will re-write Away with the fairies and perhaps create a novel rather than a childrens book.
I wont self publish my perfected novel, because if it’s not good enough to be picked up by a big company who believes my novel will do well enough for them to work for free, it isnt good enough.
hopefully, if it takes off,my original published book will be worth more than £10.00 per book, because they will be officially ‘ORIGINAL.’
I think me and my parents are the only one’s excited about this.
Due to this desicion, I will be removing the chapters previously posted on this website. I didnt post any chapters for a while because I was waiting for somebody to ask me to, because they WANTED to read it. so if you did, you’ll have to purchase a book or suffer a couple of years.
Love from me x


29th April


I’m not feeling it today.

I’m feeling pretty down, i’m not too sure why.

Lonely despite the friends I have, sad despite how lucky I am to have everything and everybody around me. I feel so bad:(

I took my brother and Sister out for a 50 pound meal after school and for a brief period I was pretty happy, now i’m back home and to reality and I’m ready to cry into my pillow after writing this post.



i’m surrounded by happiness yet i feel like i’m in my own little bubble of poo where everything is poo and I just feel so guilty about it.

There’s so much on my mind, exams, family life, school, friends, appearance, blah blah blahhhhh.

Anyways, I’m excited to start posting chapters from my book.

sorry this post has been poo.

i’m going to get a cup of tea, have a cry and go to sleep I think.

I’ll post something you’ll Actually want to read tomorrow.

Night x