My first two days at Sir John Deane’s College.

Hello there!
I started college yesterday. I’ve been there two days and I already love it so much!
I knew quite a few people there already from school so it wasn’t too bad! In my form I know one person vaguely but enough to have a chat. As for my other lessons I don’t know anyone so have had to make new friends. I’m actually finding that part quite difficult, I’m not as confident as I thought I was and even though it’s only been two days I’m watching people slowly drift into friendship groups and I’m trying to desperately cling onto the people i know, but I am meeting new people and I think after a few weeks I’ll know plenty of people! 🙂
I’m taking psychology, sociology, English literature and History. Not too keen on history but I’ve only had two lessons. English is good but looks like it’ll be quite intense & hard work. Psychology & sociology are already my fabourites and really interesting but will be challenging i know.
Apart from that, I don’t know what else to say. I’m sure I’ll have plenty in the future but for now I’m quite tired so I’ll leave it at that for tonight:)
Hope everyone else is having a good first day at college/school or whatever now that summer is over!
Love from me. X

Ps I met Dan and he is great (dan wrote this)


Bucket list update!

So even though my life has recently somehow become unsociable and rather uneventful, I’ve managed to tick off quite a few things from my bucket list!

I’ve read a really interesting book on psychology.
On my birthday, I wore red lipstick for the party.

I’m really getting into bring me the horizon music, too. ‘Can you feel my heart’ is definitely my favourite. I got a library card, too! This allowed me to take out the psycology book, aha!

I got the criminal minds boxset Fromm parents for my birthday – best thing ever.

And finally, I’ve seen the vamps live TWICE and I’ve met them!


However, I still have a lot to complete and not much time before I start college. I’m still to try a cosmopolitan – I think this is because it’s in the movies a lot. I will find out tomorrow if I have got the grades to get into college (VERY nervous!) I’m going to write letters to everyone I’m close to as soon as I finish writing this blog. I still want to sleep under the stars but I think if I moved that to the ‘before I die’ bucket list it will be easily completed. I was stupid to think I’d lose a stone in the summer ahah. I don’t think I’ll be ticking that off. I’m halfway through a Harry potter marathon. Not doing to bad I think!