So, my prom was this Thursday, I thought I’d share some photo’s.
I’m the one with curly blonde hair in the blue dress. My boyfriend is the tall ginger. My best friends are all the other people in the photo’s and they mean the absolute world to me.









I’m still trying to post every day but finding it hard to find inspiration, which is weird considering I’m a writer.
Today I was going to talk about prom.
If any of you readers (are people reading these? Idk.) are my age you’ll know that prom season is coming along and all the girls and possibly some boys are getting super excited…yet super bitchy.
I’ve always said I wouldn’t be, and I’d get the dress I want and not care what anyone thought, but It’s been so long and I can’t keep telling myself that anymore.
Girls do care about what I wear and I know it. I think I’ll die of humiliation of anyone were to wear the same dress as me or laughed at my outfit, and I automatically think ‘oh that’s nice’ or ‘that will NOT suit her’ if I see a dress a girl will wear to prom, so I know the more bitchy girls in my year think the same if not worse.

That’s my prom dress, ignore my face I was talking!
If there is anyone reading this, leave A comment? Is your school as bitchy as mine?
Girls are falling out over the same colour dress. Making comments about their best friend looking bad in a dress.
It drives me crazy!

Leaving school

It’s getting to the end of the year, exams are on the horizon and everyone’s getting ready to say goodbye. I have 4 chemistry lessons left. 4.
I genuinely said ‘SHIT’ loudly when our teacher Announced that. The realisation of the fact I have an exam in chemistry after 4 more lessons and the fact school time with my friends is nearly over hit me in that short moment she told us we have 4 lessons left.
Soon I’ll start college- which don’t get me wrong I’m so excited about – and I’ll say goodbye to the majority of my friends and all of my teachers and have to start all over again getting to know a new place and new people. I don’t want to 😦
My friends are absolutely insane and I can’t imagine a school day without them, how is this happening so soon? It feels like yesterday I started in year 7 and was awkwardly stating my name for the people in my class in a hope to make friends.
Why do the government this is okay? Letting us spend 4 years getting to know people and building up relationships with the people you love and then suddenly when you turn 16 they take it away and send you off to start again at college.
Sorry for the over dramatic description.
I’m not happy about this.