Coffee and Green Tea

I know, I know. celebrations throughout the land will take place today because, I, Michaela Garnett have finally posted some other pointless paragraph on wordpress after weeks of denial.

I’d like to think so, anyway.

I’m not sure why I haven’t written in so long but I’ll spare you the explanation as you probably do not care for one. This week beginning 17th February is the Half term holidays and I have had numerous lovely things planned during it that I thought i’d note down for memory’s sake.

I spent the beginning of it with Harvey,  we broke up ( from college I mean, not each other ) so I spent Friday with him and although we were meant to have a valentines meal, the chicken I cooked was raw in the middle and then when I put it back in the oven it went all dry so in the end I gave up and had a cheese sandwich. It was lovely. Then Harvey went down to the sea side to visit his Grandma and although I was invited, I stayed at home so that people could be seen and homework could be done!

I decided at the start of the holidays I was bored of my bedroom, so the little project I have started is drawing the disney castle, characters and quotes onto one of the walls. It’s taking ages and i’m not the best artist in the world, at one point  the castle just looked like a lot of wobbly penises but it’s starting to look acceptable. Harvey bought me 8meters of warm white fairy lights so I can put those up too so they look like stars.

I cannot believe I am 16 years old. More like 6!

Of course, some time was spent doing homework. Although i’m a published author, the subject I struggle most with is English literature, in particular, creative writing. All we have to do is write the opening chapter to a book and i’m finding it so hard,. my first grade was just a C, so if that doesn’t tell you  that ‘away with the fairies’ is 113 pages worth of absolute POOP I don’t know what will. I’ve also been going to the gym every day but today.

Yesterday, My neighbour and good friend Alex ( we call him Flanders, or Ned.) needed new clothes so some of us, his friends embarked on an adventure to Manchester. Dan, Lucy, conor and I all helped him pick out clothes, we even did the thing where you hold up two  shirts and are like ‘blue? or green?’  he chose green. I voted for us to do what they do in the movies where they all try on lots of outfits and we’re like, ‘nah, nope. NOOO..YES, IT’S PERFECT!’ but it didn’t happen. Dan also wanted some help, but finding a blazer to fit his arm length was hard, so he stuck with the safe option of buying multiple plain white t-shirts. Lucy said ‘i’m not buying any clothes until I have a car,’ yet she walked out with three bags. I bought a top, some shoes that were on sale for £3 and some mens bracelet. Conor, however, got his lip pierced. His parents aren’t too happy, but I wont go into that. Then we all had lunch and a bit later went to a cafe for coffee (  or in my case green tea) …actually, Dan was the only one to have Coffee.. so never mind.Anyway, It was a really nice day and it made me happy.


Today the girls ( Lucy, Gee, Sophie and Becca ) are coming round and we’re going to eat noodles, watch films and drink tea all night and all day. I’m looking forward to it very much.

Love from me.x



So I woke up at 5am.
Got a 6am train to Stockport.
Got the 6.41 train to Oxford road.
now, at 7.30am I’m sat outside in a small street. I’ll stay here until 1pm.
It will be SO worth it.
A band called ‘ the vamps ‘ are having a rally today, like a mini tour show. It’s free & the max capacity is 450 people. We’re about 30 people behind in the queue so it’s not too bad.
My bum’s going numb, it’s quite cold, the girl next to me is probably going to receive a forceful kick (not becca, who I’m with, some other randomer) if she doesn’t shut up rambling about nothing.
There’s people infront reading. Why didn’t I think of that? I only have my phone on 89% and I want to save battery for the camera later.
I never thought I’d become such a ‘fan girl’ but I LOVE the vamps.
Love from a very uncomfortable me. X


I have always hated those beings that are labelled ‘fan girls’ they’re screaming and crying and hysteria.
I have become one of those.

( a fan girl is one of those girls completely obsessed with something. The term is most popular with musical & other famous types of people such as actors. )

I have completely become a fangirl. I loved the vamps anyway, for their YouTube covers & down to earth videos. But after seeing them today at their rally, I am solid 100% fangirl.

They’re holding things called rallies across the country. Kind of a
mini tour. They play a set, answer some questions. All very nice. They didn’t expect nearly 1000 screaming girls to be waiting for them!
Me & becca woke up at 5am, got the 6am train and were waiting at the door by 7am. We were about 20 people down in the line. So we say down and began our five hour wait against the brick wall & in the cold until we’d be let in to see the vamps. In those 5 hours, 20 doubled to 40, 40 quickly became 60 and before we knew it there were more & more girls finding their places in the queue that now stretched all the way down the street.
As soon as the vamps arrived, there was a huge surge of people and becca and I got pushed back a little. Not too much for it to matter a great deal though. Finally we got let inside and we were a couple of rows back from the front.
The vamps came on and were amazing! They sung their own songs and some covers. It was so so good. Becca took off one of her bracelets an threw it at Connor, the bassist. He looked at becca and mouthed something, and she shouted ‘please wear it!’ So he did!!! He put the bracelet on and carried on playing.
Whilst I was filming some of the songs, brad, the lead singer looked DIRECTLY at me. It doesn’t sound a lot but for a fan girl this is something HUGE. Brad Simpson has seen my face. He’s looked into my eyes and he’s sung to only me for those few seconds! When one of those guys looks at you at you have that short moment of eye contact, you feel as if you’re not sharing the room with 300 other people, just him. But then he looks away and shares that moment with another girl at the other side of the stage. Which is kinda poo but you got the experience so who cares!?
Once we got outside, we’d realised because so many people turned up to see the vamps, they couldn’t all fit in the room they were playing in. So they did a second show straight after the first one.
So of course, becca and I joined the back of the queue and managed to get inside the building in Time for the other show. We stood much further back this time but could still see really well and weren’t going to film any of it this time so we could enjoy the show the whole way through.

This next bit sounds as If we’re making it up or just hoping, but I swear It’s real..
Brad kept looking at us. I mean, full on eye contact for quite a long time considering he was just looking at people long enough for photos. We weren’t taking photos. He was just looking at me and then looking at becca and smiling and singing. Now I’m not super uper fan girl so I didn’t start screaming and waving, just put my hand in the air and smiled back at him until he moved across the stage or danced around or something. Then Connor made eye contact with becca and his face showed recognition of the girl who threw the bracelet. Him and brad recognised us! They remembered our faces. They see thousands of girls a day and they had remembered we’d been in the concert already today.
There was even a point I was looking down at my phone texting my dad and when i looked up, brad was looking at me and when he saw that I had saw him he smiled!
I felt so… Special? That’s hard when you’re one of a thousand girls who all want the same 4 people.
Then at the end of the show, brad said goodbye and blew a kiss saying ‘mwah’ IN OUR DIRECTION. Coincidence? I think not.
Outside, girls stood in the street underneath the window of the room that the vamps stayed in backstage. They looked out and waved at us all and brad saw me and becca shouting and waved. We shouted ‘do you recognise us?’ Pointing to each other. HE NODDED AND PUT HIS THUMBS UP!
It was just amazing.
Of course, it could all be a huge coincidence or in our heads ( which I do not believe. ) but NOTHING has been able to ruin becca & I’s mood today. It has been one of the best.
We got so much more out of the rally than we expected & it was just incredible to know that the vamps had registered our existence. Our faces! Last but not least, I took out the page from my journal that I had written in about how we got to the vamps & why & whatnot. Then we wrote our twitter account names on the piece of paper. Tore it out & put them under the windscreen wipers of their tour bus…
One of the best days ever & I shared it with one of my best friends, too!

P.S. all of these pictures i took myself!!