The girls

Alright, so it’s twenty past two in the afternoon and I’m still in my Pajamas in bed, watching criminal minds.. Again. I need to do at least one productive thing today and i think that should be posting on WordPress.
I got the grades I needed for college & enrolled at Sir John Deanes, so that’s another thing I’m able to tick from the bucket list.
Me and my cousin made cosmopolitans, but not with any measures so it was kind of a sickly vodka mess.. But cosmo’s none the less!

As for the letters, I just wrote a three paged one to my mum & dad. In it, I confessed to my broken wardrobe so if I never post again it’s because they have crucified me.
I need to write ones to my bestfriends ‘the girls’ but you see there are 5 of them and that’s five letters. I believe by the end of them I’ll have terrible scrawly handwriting and my wrist may snap so I thought I’d just show them my appreciation for them in this post in one big letter for all of them:

Pffft! I wrote it out on my phone to copy and paste it here. It was massive. Then I accidentally deleted it. It took me 25 minutes and if you think I’m going to write it again you can think again. I love you girls but not that much.x
Here’s some pictures of us so you get the gist..












Bath time

So I’m in the bath and I thought I’d write.
I’m sure I will plenty over the summer.
I’ve been back two days and already done so much!
We got home at 10am. I went straight to my neighbours to see them and HIV them some gifts, after a quick coffee there, I met Sarah at my house where we had lunch with Harvey. Then we watched criminal minds, on which I got her hooked.
Then Harvey’s mum came to pick him up, as Becca got dropped off at mine. Turns out our parents were really good friends when they were younger and worked together. The first thing my dad said to her mum was ‘well, you’ve definitely enlarged in the breast department since we last spoke.’
Well done, dad.
Then the night was completed with yet more criminal minds, the stalking of ‘Matthew grey gubler.’ One of the actors( a gorgeous actor.) and a Chinese.
Then yesterday I posted numerous letters personally to the company’s that donated to the charity event I held. Then I met my friends for a picnic by the river, then we camped in Sarah’s garden and i probably got the most sleep of three hours.
We went to McDonald’s at 7.30am, but that story needs a whole other post.
Now I’ve just returned from a college open day.
All very fun.
Sleep now.
Love from me x