29th April


I’m not feeling it today.

I’m feeling pretty down, i’m not too sure why.

Lonely despite the friends I have, sad despite how lucky I am to have everything and everybody around me. I feel so bad:(

I took my brother and Sister out for a 50 pound meal after school and for a brief period I was pretty happy, now i’m back home and to reality and I’m ready to cry into my pillow after writing this post.



i’m surrounded by happiness yet i feel like i’m in my own little bubble of poo where everything is poo and I just feel so guilty about it.

There’s so much on my mind, exams, family life, school, friends, appearance, blah blah blahhhhh.

Anyways, I’m excited to start posting chapters from my book.

sorry this post has been poo.

i’m going to get a cup of tea, have a cry and go to sleep I think.

I’ll post something you’ll Actually want to read tomorrow.

Night x



School Buses + Their Drivers.

Totally acceptable though, as i’m about to go into full rage mode about Public transport, namely my school bus.

Firstly, theres NEVER enough seats. They know how many people get on the bus, so why dont supply us with abus with ENOUGH SEATS? is that so hard to ask? squeezing three of us onto a seat is not in anyway comfortable, nor does it do anything for anyone’s dignity.

Secondly, why doesnt the bus driver WAIT for everyone to be seated before he drives away? I have fallen over in the isle of seats a number of times because of this and personally dont find it very funny. The Grumpy fat oaf is obviously so humor deprived he gets his kicks by jolting kids around dangerously in a bus.

Thirdly, this has only happened once, but what kind of simpleton leaves the SUNROOF OPEN ALL NIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF AUTUMN!?….IN ENGLAND? of course, whoever drove our bus the night before is some kind of dimwit moron that clearly shouldnt be on the roads and responsible for 50 odd children if he’s going to leave them open all night. The next morning, instead of getting us a new bus,  we all got to sit on nice wet seats, resulting in a soggy skirt all day at school. well done, Bus company, really outdid yourself there.
Fourthly, (is that a word? I’m not sure..) Why, on the absolutley freezing days, where your hands are turning blue and your breath is turning to ice the second it leaves your body, is the bus ALWAYS LATE? We all stand here shivering, and I think he sits around the corner, waiting for that fine line between life and death before he comes to pick up up.