Home sweet home.

Hola 🙂
After finally finishing my GCSE exams and celebrating by shopping in Manchester with my friends, my family, my boyfriend and I went to Portugal for a week. It was lovely.
My parents needed to relax, me and Harvey did after finishing exams an the other two (that’s what we all call my brother and sister when we are talking about them together..) weren’t bothered as long as there was a pool they could swim about in!
Most days we lazed by the pool, or walked to the beach that was only 5 minutes away. We went on a bannana boat ride, where they attempt too throw you off a big inflatable bannana that is tied to the end of a speed boat into the sea.
All in all, very fun.
Now I’m home and unfortunately back to reality, which I suppose for the moment isn’t too bad. I have a gazillion letters to post to donors to the red lion project, I still haven’t split te money ad wrote out cheques and sent them and I have 2 days to send off a college application form. All this in between the uncontrollable urge to slob and watch ‘criminal minds’ until my eyes turn square. I’m genuinely worried about my lack of energy.
Probably because my diet is FAILING! Not even a diet there anymore. It’s so bad. REALLY need to get back into it!
Love from me x


Grandma Garnett

My little stats graph is getting better every day. This makes me happy:)
Another thing that makes me happy is the fact I got a C yesterday in maths. It was a practice paper, but still.. The revision is paying off and it’s good.
Concentrate on the good things and not the bad is always the best way to stay happy + it’s working for me. 🙂
One person who makes me very happy is my grandma. She’s so amazing.
She’ll literally do anything for anybody – when my grandad was ill with Parkinson’s she looked after him, lifting him in and out of his chair, cooking, pushing him around in his wheelchair, dressing him.. Right until the day he was hospitalised before he died.
When he did die, it was the fact he was so lucky to have my grandma that was mentioned so much.

grandma is the type of woman a man could spend his whole life searching for and his life would still be worthwhile if he failed to find her.

my cousin said this at his funeral, yet I’m not entirely sure that’s exactly what he said, it was much more poetic.
Spending the afternoon with her is always lovely, and after the death of my nanna I’ve really started to appreciate the time I have with my grandma knowing how precious it is.
I hate the thought of loosing her one day and being left without any grandmothers.
She’s been a huge part of my education. Thanks to her I can cook, bake and sew. I don’t need mum to fix the loose button on my shirt because I can do it myself.
She’s such a special lady just like my mum and my nanna. I love her ever so much and I’m so lucky to have women like them in my life.

Ollie the pup

I’m not in school today. Literally feeling so low I don’t want to talk to anybody.
If you’re going to complain about ‘pathetic teenage girls’ stop reading now.
I didn’t sleep much at all last night, Either. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, there’s just too much to feel low about.
Anyways, today I’m trying to cheer myself up. That’s why I am sat in the sunny garden in my boyfriends baggy jumper revising maths (which I’m failing, wahoo.) whilst my little puppy named ollie runs about on the grass.
I’m Aching and my stomach hurts for an unknown reason. Later I’m going to get some work done for a charity day I’m organising (the red lion project if anyone in the area wants to know/come) and maybe feel better about myself!
Two days until I can post chapter one if away with the fairies, I hope you can read it. 🙂