Golly, I wish I had something inspirational or wonderful to write..

Today is the first of march. My dad’s birthday. Although it isn’t really, he was born on the 29th February and since that only happens once every four years, he chose today as his birthday this year.  I bought him three mini bottles of special blend whiskey, which cost around £10 each, which I don’t think is bad considering the normal sized bottles are as much as £150. Last night was a brilliant way to end 2014 February. woah, have you ever realised, we’ll NEVER have another February in 2014. Dad will never have another 57th birthday.. it’s so strange when you put it into perspective!

Anyway, random thought put out there, back to my actual story.. I went to see Russell Howard on his comedy tour with my friends. Seeing him live was great, so so so so funny. I’ve never seen a comedian live before then so it was a great first experience.

My friend from college, Georgina, was there too and even though I’d seen her not 4 hours earlier at college, it was so exciting when we text each other where we were sat and waved, because well… we were both there and in a room full of thousands of people, I suppose it was just more exciting haha.

There isn’t really a great deal more to say..other than the fact that it’s like I’m concious that exams are around 2 months away and I keep reminding myself that, yet revision is slow. It doesn’t help that we get so much homework it’s hard to find time to revise and keep up some kind of life, so I like to think homework = revision and I’m not being utterly Lazy.

BUT, another reason February ended great was because I got sociology student of the month. That made me smile.

I hope the end of your February and the start of your March was lovely.

Love from me. x



Coffee and Green Tea

I know, I know. celebrations throughout the land will take place today because, I, Michaela Garnett have finally posted some other pointless paragraph on wordpress after weeks of denial.

I’d like to think so, anyway.

I’m not sure why I haven’t written in so long but I’ll spare you the explanation as you probably do not care for one. This week beginning 17th February is the Half term holidays and I have had numerous lovely things planned during it that I thought i’d note down for memory’s sake.

I spent the beginning of it with Harvey,  we broke up ( from college I mean, not each other ) so I spent Friday with him and although we were meant to have a valentines meal, the chicken I cooked was raw in the middle and then when I put it back in the oven it went all dry so in the end I gave up and had a cheese sandwich. It was lovely. Then Harvey went down to the sea side to visit his Grandma and although I was invited, I stayed at home so that people could be seen and homework could be done!

I decided at the start of the holidays I was bored of my bedroom, so the little project I have started is drawing the disney castle, characters and quotes onto one of the walls. It’s taking ages and i’m not the best artist in the world, at one point  the castle just looked like a lot of wobbly penises but it’s starting to look acceptable. Harvey bought me 8meters of warm white fairy lights so I can put those up too so they look like stars.

I cannot believe I am 16 years old. More like 6!

Of course, some time was spent doing homework. Although i’m a published author, the subject I struggle most with is English literature, in particular, creative writing. All we have to do is write the opening chapter to a book and i’m finding it so hard,. my first grade was just a C, so if that doesn’t tell you  that ‘away with the fairies’ is 113 pages worth of absolute POOP I don’t know what will. I’ve also been going to the gym every day but today.

Yesterday, My neighbour and good friend Alex ( we call him Flanders, or Ned.) needed new clothes so some of us, his friends embarked on an adventure to Manchester. Dan, Lucy, conor and I all helped him pick out clothes, we even did the thing where you hold up two  shirts and are like ‘blue? or green?’  he chose green. I voted for us to do what they do in the movies where they all try on lots of outfits and we’re like, ‘nah, nope. NOOO..YES, IT’S PERFECT!’ but it didn’t happen. Dan also wanted some help, but finding a blazer to fit his arm length was hard, so he stuck with the safe option of buying multiple plain white t-shirts. Lucy said ‘i’m not buying any clothes until I have a car,’ yet she walked out with three bags. I bought a top, some shoes that were on sale for £3 and some mens bracelet. Conor, however, got his lip pierced. His parents aren’t too happy, but I wont go into that. Then we all had lunch and a bit later went to a cafe for coffee (  or in my case green tea) …actually, Dan was the only one to have Coffee.. so never mind.Anyway, It was a really nice day and it made me happy.


Today the girls ( Lucy, Gee, Sophie and Becca ) are coming round and we’re going to eat noodles, watch films and drink tea all night and all day. I’m looking forward to it very much.

Love from me.x

Fear and Jealousy.

Alright, so this post isn’t going to be as dramatic as the title suggests, sorry.

I bet so many people saw this and were like ‘Ooooh, whats she scared and jealous of?’

nothing special. Im jealous because my parents, brother, sister, uncle and cousin are all of to turkey for a week and i’m not. 

The fear comes in when I tell you that I’m going to Cumbria for 3 nights as part of an enrichment.. and from the brochure it looks as if i’ll be canoeing. I cant canoe. Im very scared.

There ya have it folks, my title explained. Onto the rest of the post.

This weekend has been a big fundraiser for my friend Charlie whom I have mentioned in previous posts to have cancer and is in need of a 9 week trip to america for proton therapy.

On friday, I had a party which all of the ticket money went to Charlie. It was good I guess, apart from the woman who owned the hall took everyone’s drinks from them because they we’rent bought from the bar:(

but we made two hundred and fifty pounds. That’s pretty cool.

Then today, this afternoon, We held a tabletop sale, where looooadsa people came, paid ten pounds to have a table and then sold their things, jewellry, cakes, clothes, bags and whatnot. It was very fun. another two hundred and seventy seven pounds raised. Putting the RLG ( The red Lion Goostrey, my parents’ pub.)  and its customers up to around two thousand pounds at a guess.

Not bad!

i’ve made a video about all the fundraising we have done.. alot like the one I made for the red lion project,another charity project I organised! ( the link for the red lion project video  is here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrT3FHCSAvY ) and from here, you should find the video for Charlie’s cause. It hasn’t yet finished uploading so I cant put the link yet.

Im going to start writing more posts as soon as I have time. 

I know you’re all missing me lots.

That was a complete joke I dont even know if people read this stuff.

If you do, tell me you like a furry raccoon in your anus to let me know, I’ll say thankyou;)

Love from me. x

Summer 2013

I want to reflect on my summer this year because to be honest although most of it was spent in my bed it’s been an amazing summer. Mostly because my favourite place in the world is my bed.
However, there have been some other events that have taken place during the summer that I want to reminisce before I start college and my head is full of important and confusing things again.

First of all there was the nights at the Dane. Slightly cold nights, but memorable ones! The night we left school and the whole year was there – that was fun. Especially when the police turned up and because we were all drinking underage we ran off in different directions, only to be met by sniffer dogs. It was like some kind of sick horror film, climbing over fences and under barbed wire, only to find out that they weren’t bothered we were drinking as long as there were no drugs, so they left and after that it was a really fun night and probably the last one I’ll spend with alot of people!

Then there was the day we went there for a picnic!

And the other time that there was a smaller group of us – we sat and ate together, then the girls watched the boys play football/rugby and then when it got dark we all made this little campfire and argued about how to start it for ages and all I remember is debating why the song by breach was called ‘jack.’

Then of course there was my holiday to Portugal with my family & Harvey. It was honestly one of the best holidays ever, along with America last year. We just relaxed and spent time together and it was lovely.

There was prom, too and after prom – very eventful. I’m sure the class on 2013 will be talking about that for a long time.

There was also a HUGE chunk of my summer holidays dedicated to ‘The Vamps’ and my friend Becca. If you find my previous blogs you can read all about those days there. They were quite simply amazing.

I saw ghost in theatre, thanks to my amazing boyfriend, who I shared our one year anniversary with this weekend eating Chinese and watching a bugs life. Two out of the many perfect times I have spent with him this summer.


I turned 16 at last and spent my birthday with all the people special to me!






My parents had their 12th anniversary of owning the pub and 13th wedding anniversary. I organised their party and it was a great night, the night ticked drinking a cosomopolitan off my bucket list with the help of my cousin!


I spent my hard earned wages on new clothes & a piercing


And of course, there were the numerous lazy days & nights I had with the girls. Eating bad food, watching endless episodes of criminal minds and drooling over Mathew grey gubler, drinking tea, painting nails and generally just talking and talking. They were some of the best days:)
This summer has been really great and I can’t wait until next year when hopefully I’ll spend it with the same special people! 🙂


Today has been a simple day but its been a lovely one.
If you’d read my previous posts you’d know that I have this kind of obsessive love for criminal minds. I’m very lucky in the fact that three of my bestfriends share this with love with me.
So, we spent the day on my sofa, with bags of crisps, packets of strawberry laces, bars of chocolate and bowls of chips. We ate and ate whilst we watched criminal minds one episode after the other. We watched all our favourite ones ( mainly the ones that starred spencer) again and again. I loved it. We occasionally paused it and talked about random things like people & the future, our plans and even got onto the topic of religion.
Then we went for a walk and stopped at the park we haven’t been to in years. That was nice because we just got to swing and talk about the days when we’d run to get the middle swing and try and kick each other as we got higher.
It’s been so simple but so lovely. Now we’re all in my bed, talking and laughing and it’s just so lovely. I genuinely hope that it stays this way forever & college doesn’t change the relationship we have now in any way but for the better.

Bath time

So I’m in the bath and I thought I’d write.
I’m sure I will plenty over the summer.
I’ve been back two days and already done so much!
We got home at 10am. I went straight to my neighbours to see them and HIV them some gifts, after a quick coffee there, I met Sarah at my house where we had lunch with Harvey. Then we watched criminal minds, on which I got her hooked.
Then Harvey’s mum came to pick him up, as Becca got dropped off at mine. Turns out our parents were really good friends when they were younger and worked together. The first thing my dad said to her mum was ‘well, you’ve definitely enlarged in the breast department since we last spoke.’
Well done, dad.
Then the night was completed with yet more criminal minds, the stalking of ‘Matthew grey gubler.’ One of the actors( a gorgeous actor.) and a Chinese.
Then yesterday I posted numerous letters personally to the company’s that donated to the charity event I held. Then I met my friends for a picnic by the river, then we camped in Sarah’s garden and i probably got the most sleep of three hours.
We went to McDonald’s at 7.30am, but that story needs a whole other post.
Now I’ve just returned from a college open day.
All very fun.
Sleep now.
Love from me x

Home sweet home.

Hola 🙂
After finally finishing my GCSE exams and celebrating by shopping in Manchester with my friends, my family, my boyfriend and I went to Portugal for a week. It was lovely.
My parents needed to relax, me and Harvey did after finishing exams an the other two (that’s what we all call my brother and sister when we are talking about them together..) weren’t bothered as long as there was a pool they could swim about in!
Most days we lazed by the pool, or walked to the beach that was only 5 minutes away. We went on a bannana boat ride, where they attempt too throw you off a big inflatable bannana that is tied to the end of a speed boat into the sea.
All in all, very fun.
Now I’m home and unfortunately back to reality, which I suppose for the moment isn’t too bad. I have a gazillion letters to post to donors to the red lion project, I still haven’t split te money ad wrote out cheques and sent them and I have 2 days to send off a college application form. All this in between the uncontrollable urge to slob and watch ‘criminal minds’ until my eyes turn square. I’m genuinely worried about my lack of energy.
Probably because my diet is FAILING! Not even a diet there anymore. It’s so bad. REALLY need to get back into it!
Love from me x

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