I know I’ve already posted about ‘appreciation for parents’ but watching ‘the murder trials’ tonight really made me think, and honestly made me feel really sad before going to sleep.
It was a filmed real life murder trial, where a husband was finally proved guilty of killing his wife after months of violence and disposing of her body to the point he ground her teeth down.
However the part that got me was the fact she had two young children of ten and five years old. It broke my heart to hear that one day, the found their loving mother was gone and they might never see her again.
All the time that they are without their mother, the very man who took her away was kissing their tears away and comforting their cries.
What made me so sad, was that they were just left..without a mother.
My mum lost my nanna just after Christmas as people who read my posts regularly know and I know that since then she’s felt completely alone and lost, no matter who she surrounds herself with. I know that even though i havent expierienced the feeling myself I know it’s the similar feeling that is felt by anybody that has lost a parent and I honestly thank my stars every day for the beautiful parents I have and that I still have them.
I don’t think I’d survive without my mum- it’d be the heartbreak that would kill me- as she’s raised me well enough so that I can look after myself by now. On the contrary, I’d be lost without her, she has the memory of an elephant. She seems to be in three places in once, she gets so much done and will do anything for anybody.. I could go on and on but it’s 00:37 and I’m really very tired.
Point is, I love her very very much, I don’t ever want to loose her and when I do I’m not very sure what I’ll do. So for now I’ll just appreciate her all I can – do the same!
Love from me. X


Its been ages..

Its been ages since I wrote properly last, I suppose i’ve been busy with exams and plans and all that, that I haven’t had any motivation to write. 

When I’m bored my mind goes off and creates all sorts of stories and things that I can’t wait to write down, but seeing as i’ve been busy my mind is busy with exams and work and school that  it hasn’t had chance to wonder off. 

But now im getting huge urges to read a really good book or write more on the one im writing at the moment, but I cant afford to get distracted with all the things I have going on so will have to blog instead, which is always fun. 

Its also hard for me to go back to the book im writing. My Nanna was always the first one to read anything I wrote.She was the first one to read ‘Away with the fairies’ and was the first one to have a copy before it was published. So I named the character in this story ‘Veronica’ to surprise her when she read this one. Yet she didn’t live to let me finish it. 😦 now I don’t like writing about a woman named Veronica when MY veronica isnt here anymore. But at the same time, I dont want to have to go back through it and change the name of the character all the way through my writing. I’ll do something when I get to it I suppose.

I’ll definitely write sometime soon though, when exams are over and my charity event has been and gone, i’ll be more than ready to fly away somewhere new.

My instagram is @kaylaagarnett if you’d like to give me a follo. wink wink nudge nudge. You can find my twitter details on my blog’s homepage. But if not, its @michaelagarnett 

Love from me x