Good morning:)
Just before I start rambling on, PLEASE look at my last post, ‘just an idea’, it would mean alot.. If you shared it I’d love you even more:)
Anyways, today is Saturday, hence the title, Saturday, and my first day off in a while. I took advantage of this by turning off my alarm last night and planned to sleep in until at least 11.
That Didn’t work out, I got a text at 7 that woke me up so I may as well have set my alarm anyways.
I did go back to sleep though until around 10.
I’m spending my day off wisely, by going to my best friends dance show with all my other best friends. I’m hoping it will be really good. But she is a really good dancer so I know it will be.:)
Then I am going to spend the evening in with my boyfriend so I’m not too tired for work on Sunday.
I can’t wait for summer so I can have more days off and exams will be over!
Last night was my cousin’s birthday. She turned 21 and our whole family got together for a meal. She didn’t know this though, so there were plenty of tears when she saw us all waiting eagerly with balloons and presents, I’m really glad she enjoyed it. I did too! I got to see some cousins i hardly ever see and had a really good laugh with them all. Here’s a picture of all the balloons she got!:)

Maybe I’ll post later today and let you know how my days been (not that you care) or if anything if significance has happened so that I can document it and remember it. These are precious times, you know. 🙂



I’m still trying to post every day but finding it hard to find inspiration, which is weird considering I’m a writer.
Today I was going to talk about prom.
If any of you readers (are people reading these? Idk.) are my age you’ll know that prom season is coming along and all the girls and possibly some boys are getting super excited…yet super bitchy.
I’ve always said I wouldn’t be, and I’d get the dress I want and not care what anyone thought, but It’s been so long and I can’t keep telling myself that anymore.
Girls do care about what I wear and I know it. I think I’ll die of humiliation of anyone were to wear the same dress as me or laughed at my outfit, and I automatically think ‘oh that’s nice’ or ‘that will NOT suit her’ if I see a dress a girl will wear to prom, so I know the more bitchy girls in my year think the same if not worse.

That’s my prom dress, ignore my face I was talking!
If there is anyone reading this, leave A comment? Is your school as bitchy as mine?
Girls are falling out over the same colour dress. Making comments about their best friend looking bad in a dress.
It drives me crazy!