Coffee and Green Tea

I know, I know. celebrations throughout the land will take place today because, I, Michaela Garnett have finally posted some other pointless paragraph on wordpress after weeks of denial.

I’d like to think so, anyway.

I’m not sure why I haven’t written in so long but I’ll spare you the explanation as you probably do not care for one. This week beginning 17th February is the Half term holidays and I have had numerous lovely things planned during it that I thought i’d note down for memory’s sake.

I spent the beginning of it with Harvey,  we broke up ( from college I mean, not each other ) so I spent Friday with him and although we were meant to have a valentines meal, the chicken I cooked was raw in the middle and then when I put it back in the oven it went all dry so in the end I gave up and had a cheese sandwich. It was lovely. Then Harvey went down to the sea side to visit his Grandma and although I was invited, I stayed at home so that people could be seen and homework could be done!

I decided at the start of the holidays I was bored of my bedroom, so the little project I have started is drawing the disney castle, characters and quotes onto one of the walls. It’s taking ages and i’m not the best artist in the world, at one point  the castle just looked like a lot of wobbly penises but it’s starting to look acceptable. Harvey bought me 8meters of warm white fairy lights so I can put those up too so they look like stars.

I cannot believe I am 16 years old. More like 6!

Of course, some time was spent doing homework. Although i’m a published author, the subject I struggle most with is English literature, in particular, creative writing. All we have to do is write the opening chapter to a book and i’m finding it so hard,. my first grade was just a C, so if that doesn’t tell you  that ‘away with the fairies’ is 113 pages worth of absolute POOP I don’t know what will. I’ve also been going to the gym every day but today.

Yesterday, My neighbour and good friend Alex ( we call him Flanders, or Ned.) needed new clothes so some of us, his friends embarked on an adventure to Manchester. Dan, Lucy, conor and I all helped him pick out clothes, we even did the thing where you hold up two  shirts and are like ‘blue? or green?’  he chose green. I voted for us to do what they do in the movies where they all try on lots of outfits and we’re like, ‘nah, nope. NOOO..YES, IT’S PERFECT!’ but it didn’t happen. Dan also wanted some help, but finding a blazer to fit his arm length was hard, so he stuck with the safe option of buying multiple plain white t-shirts. Lucy said ‘i’m not buying any clothes until I have a car,’ yet she walked out with three bags. I bought a top, some shoes that were on sale for £3 and some mens bracelet. Conor, however, got his lip pierced. His parents aren’t too happy, but I wont go into that. Then we all had lunch and a bit later went to a cafe for coffee (  or in my case green tea) …actually, Dan was the only one to have Coffee.. so never mind.Anyway, It was a really nice day and it made me happy.


Today the girls ( Lucy, Gee, Sophie and Becca ) are coming round and we’re going to eat noodles, watch films and drink tea all night and all day. I’m looking forward to it very much.

Love from me.x



So, ( I start alot of posts/tweets/statuses with ‘so’ I should probably start varying it a bit)
I have 7th (last) period free, I’m not sure any of the people I know so far are also free so i bought my third large caramel latte from Starbucks of the day, sat in the canteen and got my notebook out to pretend to be occupied. It’s quite boring so I thought I’d just muster up something interesting to write on here. 🙂
I went to get my nails done in my lunch hour but instead of getting the usual extension and pink sparkles I had them cut short & painted black, I quite like them, although I feel all stubby and chubby handed!
Oh god, looking around, everyone is in groups but me, just a loner in the middle, PLEASE let someone I know walk by.. It’s quite embarrassing… Even though I’m trying to Iook busy.
I’m making friends here much easier than I was on the first two days here, I was convinced id be a loner for the two years I’m here, but I’m getting to know people in & out of my lessons now so it’s not too bad.
Oh, roll on 4.10 so I can go home!! Although, I’ll really need to do some excersize soon and I CANNOT be bothered to do that. Although, I have eaten super healthy today : Special K, coffee, nutrigrain bar (maybe two..), coffee, coffee, SALAD, coffee, banana pieces in yoghurt. ( but they’re in the healthy section of Starbucks so in assuming that they’re okay!) so minus the caramel in my coffee, the yoghurt on my banana pieces and the bad bits of the nutrigrain bar I haven’t done too bad, considering my summer diet was Pepsi and strawberry laces. Plus, the obscene amount of coffee was due to nearly falling asleep on the bus to college. AND, I could have bought a cookie for 1p today with my salad but didn’t. That’s pretty good for me.
I really don’t want to stop writing this post, I’ll have to find another way to look busy.. Maybe I’ll wonder down to the library and see If I know anyone there!
Bye for now,
Me x

My first two days at Sir John Deane’s College.

Hello there!
I started college yesterday. I’ve been there two days and I already love it so much!
I knew quite a few people there already from school so it wasn’t too bad! In my form I know one person vaguely but enough to have a chat. As for my other lessons I don’t know anyone so have had to make new friends. I’m actually finding that part quite difficult, I’m not as confident as I thought I was and even though it’s only been two days I’m watching people slowly drift into friendship groups and I’m trying to desperately cling onto the people i know, but I am meeting new people and I think after a few weeks I’ll know plenty of people! 🙂
I’m taking psychology, sociology, English literature and History. Not too keen on history but I’ve only had two lessons. English is good but looks like it’ll be quite intense & hard work. Psychology & sociology are already my fabourites and really interesting but will be challenging i know.
Apart from that, I don’t know what else to say. I’m sure I’ll have plenty in the future but for now I’m quite tired so I’ll leave it at that for tonight:)
Hope everyone else is having a good first day at college/school or whatever now that summer is over!
Love from me. X

Ps I met Dan and he is great (dan wrote this)