Bath time

So I’m in the bath and I thought I’d write.
I’m sure I will plenty over the summer.
I’ve been back two days and already done so much!
We got home at 10am. I went straight to my neighbours to see them and HIV them some gifts, after a quick coffee there, I met Sarah at my house where we had lunch with Harvey. Then we watched criminal minds, on which I got her hooked.
Then Harvey’s mum came to pick him up, as Becca got dropped off at mine. Turns out our parents were really good friends when they were younger and worked together. The first thing my dad said to her mum was ‘well, you’ve definitely enlarged in the breast department since we last spoke.’
Well done, dad.
Then the night was completed with yet more criminal minds, the stalking of ‘Matthew grey gubler.’ One of the actors( a gorgeous actor.) and a Chinese.
Then yesterday I posted numerous letters personally to the company’s that donated to the charity event I held. Then I met my friends for a picnic by the river, then we camped in Sarah’s garden and i probably got the most sleep of three hours.
We went to McDonald’s at 7.30am, but that story needs a whole other post.
Now I’ve just returned from a college open day.
All very fun.
Sleep now.
Love from me x


Home sweet home.

Hola 🙂
After finally finishing my GCSE exams and celebrating by shopping in Manchester with my friends, my family, my boyfriend and I went to Portugal for a week. It was lovely.
My parents needed to relax, me and Harvey did after finishing exams an the other two (that’s what we all call my brother and sister when we are talking about them together..) weren’t bothered as long as there was a pool they could swim about in!
Most days we lazed by the pool, or walked to the beach that was only 5 minutes away. We went on a bannana boat ride, where they attempt too throw you off a big inflatable bannana that is tied to the end of a speed boat into the sea.
All in all, very fun.
Now I’m home and unfortunately back to reality, which I suppose for the moment isn’t too bad. I have a gazillion letters to post to donors to the red lion project, I still haven’t split te money ad wrote out cheques and sent them and I have 2 days to send off a college application form. All this in between the uncontrollable urge to slob and watch ‘criminal minds’ until my eyes turn square. I’m genuinely worried about my lack of energy.
Probably because my diet is FAILING! Not even a diet there anymore. It’s so bad. REALLY need to get back into it!
Love from me x

Its been ages..

Its been ages since I wrote properly last, I suppose i’ve been busy with exams and plans and all that, that I haven’t had any motivation to write. 

When I’m bored my mind goes off and creates all sorts of stories and things that I can’t wait to write down, but seeing as i’ve been busy my mind is busy with exams and work and school that  it hasn’t had chance to wonder off. 

But now im getting huge urges to read a really good book or write more on the one im writing at the moment, but I cant afford to get distracted with all the things I have going on so will have to blog instead, which is always fun. 

Its also hard for me to go back to the book im writing. My Nanna was always the first one to read anything I wrote.She was the first one to read ‘Away with the fairies’ and was the first one to have a copy before it was published. So I named the character in this story ‘Veronica’ to surprise her when she read this one. Yet she didn’t live to let me finish it. 😦 now I don’t like writing about a woman named Veronica when MY veronica isnt here anymore. But at the same time, I dont want to have to go back through it and change the name of the character all the way through my writing. I’ll do something when I get to it I suppose.

I’ll definitely write sometime soon though, when exams are over and my charity event has been and gone, i’ll be more than ready to fly away somewhere new.

My instagram is @kaylaagarnett if you’d like to give me a follo. wink wink nudge nudge. You can find my twitter details on my blog’s homepage. But if not, its @michaelagarnett 

Love from me x