30 day challenge – day 5

Okay, so whilst writing this post- I got a little angry and went off on a tangent writing about why the human population of this generation annoy the hell outa me.

people that think they know EVERYTHING. That they can just say it how it is and that’s it, they’re correct and nothing else is. If you disagree you are obviously SO wrong.
The boys that think they understand every inch of the female- no, not even the female mind- just the human mind. They think they know WHY someone is feeling the way they are, or even have the foul attitude to thinking that they can tell a person That they SHOULDN’T feel an emotion. That’s not even irritating it’s just Disgusting.
Boys that think they’re gods gift to women. They saunter about glimpsing at girls as if they’re mentally ticking off a checklist
‘She wants me and will probably get me, she wants me and will never get me, she wants me and I’ve already had her.’ Oh, just get out. That ‘dreamy’ look you think you’re giving the camera? Yeah, it’s not dreamy, it’s quite creepy and cringey, change it back to the one of you playing football or something.
People who think its funny to give people abuse cause its ‘banter’ it’s not though, it’s you being a bum wipe because you’re obviously so pathetic and bored with your own life – you like to go and make other people’s life crap. Not funny, and certainly not ‘banter’
The people who think they’re ‘twitter famous’ and are just generally itritating because they copy generic tweets and have a couple more followers than they follow just because they followed some people and un- followed them again. They also ‘refuse’ to follow any people they know, not because they want to seem better than them, so they don’t find this pathetic and gross twitter account of yours.
People that walk slow in front of you- this was bad in school. You’re like ‘excuse me, I need to get past’ nope, no response, just slow, clam walking. MOOOOOOOOVEEEEEE!
When parents let their children misbehave in a restaurant, it REALLY annoys me. In fairness, if we’re sat in our own restaurant, my brother and sister will be a little louder than they should, but they’re quickly told to shut it by my parents. I mean when children are running around the restaurant screaming or messing about with their food – and their parents are just ignoring them!- it’s really rather annoying.

I must go to work now.

Love from me x


30 day challenge – day 4

Okay, so I decided to skip number 4 out, it was ‘what you wear to bed.’ Clothes. I wear either clothes such as my boyfriends big jumpers or my own t-shirts an leggings or trackies.
That’s it. That would have been the end of today’s post!
So I thought I’d make up my own replacement.

No. I just wrote a mahoosive post and pressed the wrong thing on my phone – my post was gone and I was left with a picture I’d copied and pasted earlier. I refuse to re-start because it’ll never be as good as my first post. HOW ANNOYING!
That was day 4, ladies and gents.

P.S. if you’d like to see what replaced my post for day four, feel free.

The 30 day challenge

So basically, I have to answer a question a day, honestly. I don’t know whether I’m looking forward to some of these or dreading them!

– 1 weird things you do when you’re alone.

2. How have you changed in the past 2 years?
3. What kind of person attracts you.
4. What you wear to bed.
5. 5 things that irritate you about the opposite sex/same sex.
6. The person you like and why you like them.
7. Your opinion on cheating on people.
8. Something you’re currently worrying about.
9. Your last kiss. –
10. Your views on drugs and alcohol.
11. Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.
12. Things you want to say to an ex.
13. A date you would love to go on.
14. Something disgusting you do.
15. The best things to happen to you this week.
16. 3 things you are proud of about your personality.
17. Things that make you scared.
18. Disrespecting parents.
19. Something that never fails to make you feel better.
20. The last argument you had.
21. Something you can’t seem to get over.
22. 10 things about you people don’t really expect.
23. Something you always think “what if…” about
24. Things you want to say to 5 different people.
25. 10 ways to win your heart.
26. Your religious beliefs.
27. Talk about your siblings.
28. The month you were happiest this year why.
29. A picture of yourself.
30. What changed this month and what you hope will happen next month.