The girls

Alright, so it’s twenty past two in the afternoon and I’m still in my Pajamas in bed, watching criminal minds.. Again. I need to do at least one productive thing today and i think that should be posting on WordPress.
I got the grades I needed for college & enrolled at Sir John Deanes, so that’s another thing I’m able to tick from the bucket list.
Me and my cousin made cosmopolitans, but not with any measures so it was kind of a sickly vodka mess.. But cosmo’s none the less!

As for the letters, I just wrote a three paged one to my mum & dad. In it, I confessed to my broken wardrobe so if I never post again it’s because they have crucified me.
I need to write ones to my bestfriends ‘the girls’ but you see there are 5 of them and that’s five letters. I believe by the end of them I’ll have terrible scrawly handwriting and my wrist may snap so I thought I’d just show them my appreciation for them in this post in one big letter for all of them:

Pffft! I wrote it out on my phone to copy and paste it here. It was massive. Then I accidentally deleted it. It took me 25 minutes and if you think I’m going to write it again you can think again. I love you girls but not that much.x
Here’s some pictures of us so you get the gist..












Around the corner..

I know the phrase ‘you never know what’s waiting for you around the corner’ is very typical and overused but it’s so true.
You never know what or who will be waiting around that corner on your path of life.
You don’t know if you’re going to meet someone that will change your life. You don’t know if you’ll be given news that causes your heart to silently shatter into a thousand pieces never to be repaired again.
Too many people I know are greeted by some nasty things around that well talked about corner.
My nanna for example. Was met with an aneurism (I think that’s the correct spelling) and now she’ll never turn another corner again because that was her last. She planned to travel to so many places after the Christmas period in which she died. She was going to see so much of the World, she was going to have adventures! She had so much ahead of her but never got there.
Those corners of life can do so much in so little time..
My whole life has slowly been put into perspective this year and now I want to do something about it.
People usually create bucket lists when they’re expecting to die but why wait until you know?
Tomorrow I’m going to post a bucket list & try to complete the majority of it in the summer – so obviously they’re going to be reasonable targets.
Sorry if I’ve been a bit cringey/pathetic/sad/morbid right now.. Just thinking about a lot!