Golly, I wish I had something inspirational or wonderful to write..

Today is the first of march. My dad’s birthday. Although it isn’t really, he was born on the 29th February and since that only happens once every four years, he chose today as his birthday this year.  I bought him three mini bottles of special blend whiskey, which cost around £10 each, which I don’t think is bad considering the normal sized bottles are as much as £150. Last night was a brilliant way to end 2014 February. woah, have you ever realised, we’ll NEVER have another February in 2014. Dad will never have another 57th birthday.. it’s so strange when you put it into perspective!

Anyway, random thought put out there, back to my actual story.. I went to see Russell Howard on his comedy tour with my friends. Seeing him live was great, so so so so funny. I’ve never seen a comedian live before then so it was a great first experience.

My friend from college, Georgina, was there too and even though I’d seen her not 4 hours earlier at college, it was so exciting when we text each other where we were sat and waved, because well… we were both there and in a room full of thousands of people, I suppose it was just more exciting haha.

There isn’t really a great deal more to say..other than the fact that it’s like I’m concious that exams are around 2 months away and I keep reminding myself that, yet revision is slow. It doesn’t help that we get so much homework it’s hard to find time to revise and keep up some kind of life, so I like to think homework = revision and I’m not being utterly Lazy.

BUT, another reason February ended great was because I got sociology student of the month. That made me smile.

I hope the end of your February and the start of your March was lovely.

Love from me. x



McDonald’s at 7am.

So, this morning we went to get the train to Crewe so we could get a McDonalds breakfast.
We had to run to the station, because we were a little late leaving. This resulted in getting to the station only a minute before the train did. Therefore, we had no time to buy a ticket on the platform.
As we went to board the trAin, a greasy haired, blatantly single platform guard that looked as if he was only a few years older than us anyway stopped us and told us we weren’t to get onto the train without a ticket.
‘There isn’t enough time to get one’
‘There was plenty of time to buy a ticket whilst you were stood around.’
‘There’s a ticket officer on the train we’ll pay him.’
‘Nope. Buy a ticket here.’
‘We’ll miss the train!’
‘So? Get the next one!’
By then the train had gone but two of my friends had jumped on whilst the rest of us were busy arguing.
So we ended up going into the office to buy a ticket from the grumpy old and really rather rude ticket man.
Upon asking for a child’s ticket, he told us we weren’t allowed one until we proved we were under 16.
‘You are blatantly only saying that because you don’t like us and want to annoy us even more because we didn’t buy a ticket first.’
‘No. You need ID. If you’re not 16, why aren’t you in school?’
‘Were 15 and we’ve finished school.’
‘You don’t leave school when you’re 15.’
obviously do, because we did, ape.
‘We’re young ones. We don’t have our birthdays until August.’
genuine truth.
‘Oh, how convienient for you all. Funny how you all have August birthdays!’
‘Fine, we’ll pay adult fares.’

I was so angry!
Thanks for the rant.
Love from me x