My group of friends

I was going to write a heartwarming post about the fact I made a muscly, bald and tattooed man cry tonight, but then I got angry so I’ll vent instead.

Me and my friends (by friends I mean the girls and by the girls I mean gee,Sarah, Lucy, Becca & Sophie.) get (an app where people can ask you questions anonymously and only me and becca have got these when i say we) asking us why our ‘group always fall out’ or are ‘so bitchy about each other’ and whatnot and it’s just annoyed me.

First of all, what the fuck is a group? A group is something you join or whatever. We’re just 6 girls that are bestfriends, not some kind of cult.

Best friends are people that you love alot, usually you spend alot of time with them, can tell them your secrets and so on and so forth.
However, it doesn’t mean that you think your best friends are absolutely perfect and deny the fact that they could ever put a foot wrong. If you do then you have a very clouded vision of friendship.
We spend so much time together, whenever we can, because we love each other. But, as Cheryl cole once famously said, too much of anything can make you sick and that my friends, applies to us girls. Everyone has their flaws & annoying parts and if you keep them bottled up to yourself then you end up going crazy & hating that person.
Luckily, there’s 6 of us, so we at least have one other person to vent to. Not gunna lie, I’ve had a good old rant about one of them to another and they’ve done the exact same thing.
Everyone ‘bitches’, most of all girls.
We all hate eachother sometimes and to be honest there are times when I’d like to thump them hard on the head. I flicked Sarah in the nose yesterday. Yet I can trust them with my life (maybe not my food) and I know that no matter what, they’re gunna be there for me throughout whatever pointless drama I’m facing, and they know that I’ll always be there for them. We can’t help but be. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere with people that weren’t my bestfriends because they make me laugh so very much and we have so many amazing memories together.
I wouldn’t change my friends for the world and I intend to bitch about them until the day I turn 94 and shrivel into non-existence.
Love from me x


My first two days at Sir John Deane’s College.

Hello there!
I started college yesterday. I’ve been there two days and I already love it so much!
I knew quite a few people there already from school so it wasn’t too bad! In my form I know one person vaguely but enough to have a chat. As for my other lessons I don’t know anyone so have had to make new friends. I’m actually finding that part quite difficult, I’m not as confident as I thought I was and even though it’s only been two days I’m watching people slowly drift into friendship groups and I’m trying to desperately cling onto the people i know, but I am meeting new people and I think after a few weeks I’ll know plenty of people! 🙂
I’m taking psychology, sociology, English literature and History. Not too keen on history but I’ve only had two lessons. English is good but looks like it’ll be quite intense & hard work. Psychology & sociology are already my fabourites and really interesting but will be challenging i know.
Apart from that, I don’t know what else to say. I’m sure I’ll have plenty in the future but for now I’m quite tired so I’ll leave it at that for tonight:)
Hope everyone else is having a good first day at college/school or whatever now that summer is over!
Love from me. X

Ps I met Dan and he is great (dan wrote this)

Summer 2013

I want to reflect on my summer this year because to be honest although most of it was spent in my bed it’s been an amazing summer. Mostly because my favourite place in the world is my bed.
However, there have been some other events that have taken place during the summer that I want to reminisce before I start college and my head is full of important and confusing things again.

First of all there was the nights at the Dane. Slightly cold nights, but memorable ones! The night we left school and the whole year was there – that was fun. Especially when the police turned up and because we were all drinking underage we ran off in different directions, only to be met by sniffer dogs. It was like some kind of sick horror film, climbing over fences and under barbed wire, only to find out that they weren’t bothered we were drinking as long as there were no drugs, so they left and after that it was a really fun night and probably the last one I’ll spend with alot of people!

Then there was the day we went there for a picnic!

And the other time that there was a smaller group of us – we sat and ate together, then the girls watched the boys play football/rugby and then when it got dark we all made this little campfire and argued about how to start it for ages and all I remember is debating why the song by breach was called ‘jack.’

Then of course there was my holiday to Portugal with my family & Harvey. It was honestly one of the best holidays ever, along with America last year. We just relaxed and spent time together and it was lovely.

There was prom, too and after prom – very eventful. I’m sure the class on 2013 will be talking about that for a long time.

There was also a HUGE chunk of my summer holidays dedicated to ‘The Vamps’ and my friend Becca. If you find my previous blogs you can read all about those days there. They were quite simply amazing.

I saw ghost in theatre, thanks to my amazing boyfriend, who I shared our one year anniversary with this weekend eating Chinese and watching a bugs life. Two out of the many perfect times I have spent with him this summer.


I turned 16 at last and spent my birthday with all the people special to me!






My parents had their 12th anniversary of owning the pub and 13th wedding anniversary. I organised their party and it was a great night, the night ticked drinking a cosomopolitan off my bucket list with the help of my cousin!


I spent my hard earned wages on new clothes & a piercing


And of course, there were the numerous lazy days & nights I had with the girls. Eating bad food, watching endless episodes of criminal minds and drooling over Mathew grey gubler, drinking tea, painting nails and generally just talking and talking. They were some of the best days:)
This summer has been really great and I can’t wait until next year when hopefully I’ll spend it with the same special people! 🙂

The girls

Alright, so it’s twenty past two in the afternoon and I’m still in my Pajamas in bed, watching criminal minds.. Again. I need to do at least one productive thing today and i think that should be posting on WordPress.
I got the grades I needed for college & enrolled at Sir John Deanes, so that’s another thing I’m able to tick from the bucket list.
Me and my cousin made cosmopolitans, but not with any measures so it was kind of a sickly vodka mess.. But cosmo’s none the less!

As for the letters, I just wrote a three paged one to my mum & dad. In it, I confessed to my broken wardrobe so if I never post again it’s because they have crucified me.
I need to write ones to my bestfriends ‘the girls’ but you see there are 5 of them and that’s five letters. I believe by the end of them I’ll have terrible scrawly handwriting and my wrist may snap so I thought I’d just show them my appreciation for them in this post in one big letter for all of them:

Pffft! I wrote it out on my phone to copy and paste it here. It was massive. Then I accidentally deleted it. It took me 25 minutes and if you think I’m going to write it again you can think again. I love you girls but not that much.x
Here’s some pictures of us so you get the gist..











Bucket list update!

So even though my life has recently somehow become unsociable and rather uneventful, I’ve managed to tick off quite a few things from my bucket list!

I’ve read a really interesting book on psychology.
On my birthday, I wore red lipstick for the party.

I’m really getting into bring me the horizon music, too. ‘Can you feel my heart’ is definitely my favourite. I got a library card, too! This allowed me to take out the psycology book, aha!

I got the criminal minds boxset Fromm parents for my birthday – best thing ever.

And finally, I’ve seen the vamps live TWICE and I’ve met them!


However, I still have a lot to complete and not much time before I start college. I’m still to try a cosmopolitan – I think this is because it’s in the movies a lot. I will find out tomorrow if I have got the grades to get into college (VERY nervous!) I’m going to write letters to everyone I’m close to as soon as I finish writing this blog. I still want to sleep under the stars but I think if I moved that to the ‘before I die’ bucket list it will be easily completed. I was stupid to think I’d lose a stone in the summer ahah. I don’t think I’ll be ticking that off. I’m halfway through a Harry potter marathon. Not doing to bad I think!

A blur

These last two weeks have been like they haven’t really happened.
Harvey’s been away and so I’ve seen all my friends a lot more but it’s like I haven’t done anything & I’ve just wandered through it.
On Wednesday I met the vamps! Very briefly, but I got pictures anyway! I was then on the radio the next day because the presenter played a prank on me whilst i was at the radio station on which the vamps were being interviewed. All very fun.



Apart from that, I’ve spent a lot of time on twitter and in bed watching criminal minds. It’s been exactly a week since I got the boxset and there is 6 discs in each series and 4 episodes on each disc. I’m on series 3 now, nearly finished! That has literally been my life. I’ve spent a lot of this week being really angry at the world for numerous reasons, too. I’m not sure why.
Harvey’s home today. I’m excited.
I think the next time I write will be at the
End of summer when I review the holidays. I haven’t been in the mood to write recently and I don’t think I will be for a while..


Today has been a simple day but its been a lovely one.
If you’d read my previous posts you’d know that I have this kind of obsessive love for criminal minds. I’m very lucky in the fact that three of my bestfriends share this with love with me.
So, we spent the day on my sofa, with bags of crisps, packets of strawberry laces, bars of chocolate and bowls of chips. We ate and ate whilst we watched criminal minds one episode after the other. We watched all our favourite ones ( mainly the ones that starred spencer) again and again. I loved it. We occasionally paused it and talked about random things like people & the future, our plans and even got onto the topic of religion.
Then we went for a walk and stopped at the park we haven’t been to in years. That was nice because we just got to swing and talk about the days when we’d run to get the middle swing and try and kick each other as we got higher.
It’s been so simple but so lovely. Now we’re all in my bed, talking and laughing and it’s just so lovely. I genuinely hope that it stays this way forever & college doesn’t change the relationship we have now in any way but for the better.

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