The last time I wrote here was almost a year ago.

I kind of decided I was done with blogging, it started to seem silly, a diary seemed more appropriate a place to write my thoughts if I felt the need to write them and I lost the will to write leisurely, what with all 3 of my A-level subjects requiring essays. Writing ( and reading, to be honest) became more of a task than a hobby and so it happened at college and seldom anywhere else.

Now, though. College is over. forever. done. finished.

(at least I hope so.)

It’s weird, saying that.. but I was definitely ready to finish. After being in full-time education since the age of 4, when I started the little primary school in my village, 17 year old Michaela was definitely ready for a break.

A-levels are finished. I sat 5 exams for 3 subjects, handed in 1 literature essay for coursework and one dissertation for my Extended project qualification. That was it. All this determines whether or not I go to my university of choice. ( University of Sheffield.) It seems nothing now.. but the last two years of my life have seemingly been the most stressful so far.

Before writing this post, I read back on some of my older ones. ( I cannot describe to you the sheer amount of ‘cringe’ I experienced.) I very nearly deleted every single post and started again, but some of them can be considered half decent I suppose and they actually brought back some good memories! still, I need to sort it out because 15 year old Michaela was paaaaathetic!…sometimes.

I did realise though that I worried alot over things that are so incredibly irrellevant to myself now ( see post : ‘nothing lasts forever’ and discover that past Michaela was actually a thing of wisdom on the rare occassion.) and that Leeds festival was a really bloody good long weekend last year, and I’d forgotten alot of the little details that made it special until I read the post again and they all came flooding back, making me happy.

Anyways, back to the point ( there is one, promise.)

Now that college is over and has been for a good few months, I’m finding the time to enjoy literature again. I did enjoy it in college, yes, but having texts and topics and themes forced upon me really took out alot of the fun of it for me. I did read some great novels though: The Yellow wallpaper and The Handmaid’s tale being two favourites. I even found that I didn’t want to stab myself in the eye with a pen when faced with Shakespeare’s ‘Measure for Measure’ because it was actually quite an interesting moral debate..once I translated it into a language I could understand. So about a month ago I fired up the ol’ kindle for the first time this year and haven’t stopped reading since. I re-read ‘Neverwhere’ by Neil Gaiman first because honestly, it’s just so good. If you haven’t read it, read it now. ( Or after you’ve finished reading this pointless spiel of mine.)

And then the other day I decided I was ready to write again. So here I am.

It’s been a year and alot has changed, yet at the same time, alot is the same.

new things: I can drive; I have glasses ( that I don’t wear often enough); I’m TWO STONE LIGHTER than I was when I last posted ( which honestly, im bloody estatic about. One more to go.) and so many expeirences I don’t know where to start with the list.


new places: Poland & Bulgaria. Poland is a trip I wish i’d posted about. Maybe I will yet. It was a psychology/sociology/history trip with college focusing on the holocaust & Auschwitz. It was amazing. Bulgaria was also amazing, for a very different reason. I might post about it. All that needs to be said though was that I was happy through every minute of it.


People have left my life in one way or another. 2015 is the year I lost my precious Grandma. Of course, it was not as much of a shock as losing my nanna, but it hurts all the same. For the first time since year 10, I don’t have a boyfriend. That wasn’t so much sad, more of a change that I think needed to happen. For lack of a better Oxymoron, it was Bittersweet.


Of course, I still have my wonderful 5 best pals. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of those. Good job I don’t want to.

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Love, me. x