Leeds Festival, 2014

A bag of wine,
Is wonderful,
A bag of wine is wonderful,
It’s full of wine, wine and more wine,
A bag of wine is wonderful!

I cannot recall the number of times I shouted, called, sang and screamed that chant because to be honest, I never started counting. If I did though, I am certain it would be perhaps a three.. maybe four digit number.

It is the song to my first ever festival.. and just as Macklemore said, you never quite forget your first festival.

Along with 90’000 others, I have experienced the most incredible and memorable 5 days of this summer.

Wednesday morning, Some friends and I sat around and enjoyed a huuuge cooked breakfast, courtesy of my mum, before heading off towards the M62. A stop at a service station where we met more friends and Harvey’s car was torn apart in a ( successful ) attempt at fixing the window which had fallen down and clamped. After duct taping it back up.. we were on our way.

Once there, I hauled double my own body weight in camping equipment, food, drinks and clothes through field after field ( Lucy and Jamie had the right idea, by inflating a dingy, filling it with supplies and then pulling it ) and finally reached a spot we were happy to camp in. Met up with more friends, set up our tents and made ourselves at home.

Spent the first day and night getting to know the place, walking to other camps to see friends and going to the fairground, but not actually going on any rides because every single ride span about at an unbelievable speed that none of us wanted to attempt at experiencing with a stomach full of vodka. Harvey bought a poncho and feather hat because, well.. because. And Lewis, Georgia, Jamie, Lucy and I got spray on tattoos. Of course, Mine was a fairy.

10410770_10202351636544376_4628081187271232984_n 10600606_10202351640544476_5367487305232699465_n 10636138_10202351638224418_3572761792109526629_n 10645282_10202351637664404_9076070251524892673_n
Spent Thursday doing the same, visiting stalls, other friends, cooking noodles, organising which music acts we were going to see over the weekend. Spent the night watching a band called ‘The midnight beast’, one I like very much and was a brilliant first act to see, and then dancing at the relentless stage ( basically a huge huge huge party in a forest. )
Leeds Relentless 740
On the way back from, however, we had to climb a very very steep, very very muddy hill. Me being me, of course, slipped, landed in the mud and in my slightly intoxicated state couldn’t focus on anything, let alone stand up, decided I wasn’t going anywhere… until a very nice gent, who didn’t mind my muddy hand making his just as muddy, helped me up the hill.

The next day, the arena was open and the music starting. After a wonderful breakfast of noodles and brunch bars, we headed to the main stage and found a good spot right at the front, where we stayed for TEN HOURS. We saw every band that was on that day at the main stage, ( the story so far, tonight alive, young guns, papa roach, sleeping with sirens, a day  to remember, you me at six, macklemore and BLINK 182) and it was ALOT of fun. However, by 11pm we were all back at the tents, aching at every movement, cold, in need of the toilet ( which were typical festival toilets and disgusting ) and tired.. so, we slept till morning.

Saturday was a GOOD DAY. Gerard way of the late My chemical romance was performing and my friends are huge fans of his, so they went to the signing tent where they queued up to meet him, whilst the rest of us sat in the sun listening to music and went on the fairground rides. We saw Gerard, La dispute, Twin atlantic, Mallory Knox, Wilkinson, Queens of the stone age, vampire weekend, paramore and so many more!

10533450_10202351650584727_6038769810387256891_n 10624891_10202351651224743_1001932920376957810_n

Lucy was bet she couldn’t touch 100 beards in an hour, she touched 218 in half an hour.

Matt threw a chair at our camping neighbours for being so loud at stupid times of the morning. Then he got punched by the guy the chair hit.

Kyle took a poo outside someone’s tent.

Conor put his tent on the fire.

Paramore brought a fan on stage.

I cried throughout most of Paramore’s set.

Alot more insane things happened.

Sunday was equally as good, spent out in the sun, sat in the field, listening to live music was just so great, the best thing to do.


After returning to our tents at around 7am after dancing all night and through the sunrise, we had around an hour’s sleep before packing up and heading home. 

I have MAJOR festival blues and so many more wonderful things to remember  but frankly i’m tired of typing now!



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