Nothing lasts forever.

So, as I decided to read back over some older posts on here ( major cringe!) I realised that half the time I turn to writing when i’m feeling particularly low, so I read back on alot of the negative times in my life. 

I realise that half of them, i think ‘I can’t even remember that happening!’ or ‘really? was I over reacting that much?’ but at the time I know it felt as if the world was ending. Or my world, at least.

I know that I should take care not to overthink most things, or worry too much and that I should step back and realise that the world isn’t in fact, ending. But sometimes that is not the most simple of tasks.


I think everyone goes through this, there’s times of complete and utter darkness and you sit there genuinely questioning whether or not you’re going to be okay, whether you’re ever going to be happy again.

I think it’s just important to remember that nothing lasts forever ( 5 seconds of summer lyric.. oops) and whilst this is quite sad when relevant to good times, it is also relevant to the bad, too. It means that even though it’s really really poo when something good ends, it also means the bad is able to end, too..eventually, you won’t even remember why you felt so bad.


Smile, because things will get better. 🙂