So, 2013. I thought I’d briefly review this year.
It’s been a flipping sad one – the first thing I did that was of any significance this year was bury my lovely nanna. Her death affected this whole year because it simply made me sad. There’s just that little bit of happiness that will probably never return because it’s gone with her.
So many people lost their loved ones this year, so many people experienced sadness, and 2014 needs to be a year without all that. However I’m not naive enough to believe or hope it will be. It could still, just like 2013, be full of happiness, that makes up for the sadness. I can’t wait for the memories I make this year, that are just as good as the last.
2013 was the year I got my GCSE exam results, that in turn got me in to Sir John Deane’s college where I met some really brilliant people, all the people I can call my friends.
It was also our year for Prom! That was a lovely night with my whole year group there, spending one last night together before gallivanting off to college and jobs and sixth form.
After prom, again – a great night I can’t say I remember a lot of.
I turned 16 in the summer of 2013. Along with my bestfriend Sarah, we had a party & we and all our friends counted down till midnight when we were 16, it was such a good night.
Harvey took me to the theatre for the first time to see ‘ghost’ the musical. Then we ate in a little Italian restaraunt, it was an amazing day!
Of course, the rest of the summer was just as amazing, me & Becca had days out to Manchester, saw the vamps live and even met them & got photo’s. They’re days I have brilliant memories from. 🙂
Campouts with my friends, picnics at the Dane, days out shopping.
My book, ‘away with the fairies’ is in script form now, just waiting for a film company to select it. However, I kind of hope it doesn’t, so in the future I can re-write it to be Better.
I joined the National Citizen Service through college, where again, I made great friends, had brilliant experiences and achieved a great deal.
2013 was the year of music for me. I saw so many bands live,
imagine dragons, sleeping with sirens, patent pending, bowling for soup, pierce the veil, bring me the horizon and the vamps.
I also read brillllllliant books, the hunger games trilogy, the fault in our stars, watch over me, the great gatsby and murmuring judges are of a few.
2013 was also the year of fundraising. I held ‘the red lion project’ raising money for Marie cutie, RSPCA, help for heroes, dEBra and The MS trust. My friend Charlie needed to go to America for cancer treatment and for that I raised almost £2000 which helped her get the treatment she needed. The NCS also sent 166 and counting blankets and boxes of toys to Romanian families.
Wow, there’s so much more. It really was a good year.
Happy new year and I hope 2014 is even better than 2013!
Love from me. X

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  1. El Guapo
    Jan 01, 2014 @ 23:48:17

    Sounds like 2013 was a pretty good year, overall.
    And now you know how to make ’14 even better, which I hope it is!


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