Patterdale hall day two- Tuesday

I climbed a mountain today.
Literally a huge, no footpath mountain that we couldn’t see the top of for clouds.
Going up was tiring, coming down was terrifying.
My muscles ache, it was hard to breathe, but wow, I climbed a mountain. It’s quite surreal. I, Michaela Garnett, refused to walk the 30 minutes from station to cinema, spent 5 hours climbing a mountain.
I found it horrible getting up, but then we stopped for first lunch and the view was amazing, it was raining but we all had such a good laugh and I was genuinely truly happy where I was.
Then, the walk between first and second lunch was so so hard, but we got really high, we couldn’t even see the roads and buildings anymore. Then, the leader asked if we wanted to reach the very top or whether we wanted to go back down. I really really wanted to go down but I voted to carry on, because I’d kind of feel like a failure if I didn’t. We got there. We got to the top, inside a cloud & I have a picture on my disposable camera to prove it.
As there was no paths up or down, getting down was so scary & rocky & slippey.
The rain was soaking us right through and the wind only knocked us over a few times. I also fell into a bog.
I’m so excited for dinner. I know there will be so much food.
We had four courses of breakfast this morning :
*porridge or cereal
* toast
* egg, beans, sausages, potatoes, more toast.
* seconds of the above.
But oh my days did we need it!
I love it here so much.
I’ve made loads of great, great friends. Last night we played never have I ever and told stories like we’d known eachother for years.
Love from me x

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. El Guapo
    Oct 24, 2013 @ 13:08:42

    So have you been bitten by the mountain climbing bug?


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