Patterdale hall day one – Monday

I’m in the Lake District on the NCS enrichment trip & I was really, really scared but it’s actually so much fun!roo

I got on the bus knowing max. 3 people and got off two and half hours later knowing nearly the whole company on people here. Everyone goes to my college, but I’d never spoken to them before so it was good to do that.
We got here around 2pm, put into groups and showed to our rooms, in this really big what I think was a huge house but has been turned into a residential place. I’m in a room with another 5 girls, one of them I knew before, another I kind of knew from English and the rest all new friends.
We got taken into the huge forest/woods thing surrounding the house and it was pouring down but after a while we didn’t notice the rain. The 13 of us had to stand on a seesaw and try to balance it, which we did eventually, then we had to, without getting off, get into alphabetical order. This involved quite a lot of hugging eachother- people we weren’t very familiar with- and turning, which definitely broke the ice a bit. Then, we walked a bit further and there was a rope swing in the middle of two platforms. We had to get from one side to the other via ropes wing without touching the floor once, we quickly did this and managed to fit us all on the second platform. At one point Aaron didn’t catch the rope and it was stuck in the middle of the two platforms out of reach and Jing managed to jump it, catch the rope and swing into the platform. Well done Jing:)
Then, we had an elastic band and had to get all 13 people through it as quick as we could and thanks to ( sorry for blowing my own saxophone here) my clever plan, we did it in 9 seconds. The record was 4 but we had to just accept that it wasn’t going to happen for us.
I’m really, really enjoying myself. There’s also a few people that have learning disabilities here, and their biggest worry was being mocked by ‘mainstream kids’ (us) but honestly, everyone here is getting on so well, it’s so much fun, they don’t have to worry one little bit!
I’ll be sad to leave.
Love from me x
P.s. Oh my god dinner was amazing. Pizza & chips & salad & coleslaw & more pizza & more chips & sticky toffee pudding & custard.

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  1. El Guapo
    Oct 24, 2013 @ 12:51:26

    And here you were just recently saying you didn’t know anyone and worrying about this trip.
    Off to read parts 2 and 3…


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