Home alone

I’ve never been ‘home alone’ partly because when I lived in a house I was too young to be left alone and now we live in a pub it’s never ‘alone’ there’s always at least one member of my family, a friend, staff or customers here.
Plus, my family have never gone away without me so I’ve never been left here literally alone.
But my parents and siblings are away, the pubs nearly closed and so it’s just me and jimmy ( my dad’s friend of 16 years and sort of manager at the pub ) here and he’s downstairs closing up.. So right now it’s just me upstairs on my lonesome. Of course, there’s my dog but we’re not on speaking/barking terms right now, but I’ll get to that.
No, it’s fine. Slight dostraction there but I shall go fourth into my story ( with a sore neck. )
So I got home from rehearsals for a play ( find the byely players wordpress! It’s a good one and they’re the armature dramatics group I’m with:) ) and then came upstairs after telling jimmy how it went and whatnot. I shouted ‘goodnight’ into my brothers dark bedroom only to get no reply from the empty room. So I didn’t even bother with my sister.
So, I’d already started to feel pretty lonely and I hadn’t even gotten to the end of the hall to my bedroom yet! So, I got there (to my room) and just before it is my dogs room, so I let him into mine and he curled up on my bed like he usually does whilst I went for a shower. I came out, and ollie (my dog) looked up at me and them down, like he was really ashamed. Then he put his paw up ( I taught him this to be please) and I just KNEW he’d gone and had a bloody wee on my bed. YOU HAVE YOUR OWN ROOM FOR THAT YOU STUPID DOG ( we can’t just let him out you see, there’s a big carpark seperating the pub & the garden) NOT TO MENTION THE FACT JIMMY TOOK YOU FOR A WALK AN HOUR AGO.
he knew as soon as I looked at him to get out & I slammed the door behind him. My only friend up here tonight and he goes and does a wee on my bed. Twat.
Then, I had to take off my sheet and scrub my duvet and put the sheet in the wash and because mum isn’t here to help, I almost put a dishwasher tablet into the washing machine, it wasn’t until I noticed a picture of a sparkly plate on the box I though ‘oh wait, that’s a bed sheet, not a plate.’ And managed to take it out before I worked out how to actually turn the machine on. People think I’m clever. I’m not, really.
Now I’m under my sisters duvet, which A) doesn’t match my cushions and B) isn’t as cosy as my own.
And I have to wait until Thursday, when home from Cumbria to reunite my duvet with the sheet ( that May or may not come out with the ‘diamond standard’ ) and them with myself.
At least I’ll be home then and my parents won’t be far behind me!
Love from me x

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. El Guapo
    Oct 21, 2013 @ 15:18:44

    Well, at least with the place to yourself, you could easily get other sleeping arrangements…


  2. Yasmin
    Oct 23, 2013 @ 16:12:50

    Your clean duvets are under your mums bed the draw by the window for when your back xxxx


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