387 days

Do you ever look back on a time in your life and wish with all your heart that you could go back to it? At the time, it probably wasn’t anything special, maybe even a time you took for granted. I feel like that today, I remember the run up to Christmas just being so good, especially a day when I finished work and went straight to Harvey’s and him & his dad were watching what I think was game of thrones. Harvey had just showered so his hair was all soft and his house was so cosy & Christmassy.. A feeling that’s hard to get in a pub. I’m not sure why it stuck, but it does and right now going back to that time would be perfect. It was probably foolish to think that it would always be that way, and even more foolish to think that things could go back to that way. I suppose after Christmas and my nanna’s death and everything following that moment I knew things could never be happy again. Of course they will be but it will be a new kind of happiness that just isn’t the same.
No matter how bad things get, they can always get worse.
But they can get better, too.