I’m sat in the college library with 22 minutes till home time. BORED.

Its enrichment this afternoon, which is basically two free hours from lessons that we are advised to spend wisely – Joining a college club or something like that to build our CV up. However this afternoon, we were asked to go to a compulsory one hour talk on safe driving and (As I quote from an email.) How to cut someone out of their car. I DON’T DRIVE?

It was a result of the upper sixth driving badly, so the lower sixth must be lectured. It was only compulsory to go if you weren’t involved in enrichment activities and so luckily because I was interested in Social Science Club I could get out of it. Hoorah.

Social science club has nothing to do with science (almost.) Im not that clever. Its kind of psychology and sociology rolled into one big laid back lesson ( or so I gather, I’ve only had one so far.) we watched a really interesting video on children’s aggression and whether it was learnt or natural. Turns out its a bit of both. When babies are pulling your hair or pinching your skin – its early aggression, not just them being all cute and exploration.

Also, its proven that if you smoke whilst pregnant it can damage the brain in a way that your child  may become anti-social and more aggressive. Their ‘terrible two’s’ will last much longer, too as a result of the fact their early aggression will not decrease like any other child’s does when they reach the age of three.

Oh look at that, only 15 more minutes to go. Time flies when you write Blog posts. 🙂

Im seeing Insideous Two tonight. I’m incredibly scared. I don’t know why I put myself through these things.

Love from me x