Not a nice topic, I know.
We had a funeral at the pub yesterday. The family came the day before and put up loads and loads of pictures of their dad who had passed away.
Of course, I had a nosey at them.
This guy had been in the navy, met amazing people, been given awards, did great things for the scouts and was in the paper.
All I could think was ‘I hope I have this much to show for my life when I die’
Of course, he lived until he was quite old, so had a long time to achieve a lot of things.
But at the same time, we’re all only getting older- what do we have to show for our lives? I have a book and the charity day I organised.. But that’s it. For nearly 16 years.
I really want to do more, so the picture boards will be jam packed at my funeral.
Love from me x

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  1. El Guapo
    Jul 28, 2013 @ 18:57:50

    Whatever you end up doing, try to make it something you either love or believe in.

    Looking forward to seeing your accomplishments unfold.


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