So, Friday is our last ever day in high school.
Of course, we have to go back for exams, but we’ll never have normal lessons, or break or lunch ever again.
In three years we’ll be like ‘michaela who?’ And ‘what was his name, I’m sure I sat next to him in chemistry!’ It’s just going to be SO WEIRD.
I am really sad about leaving. All these people I’ve spent 5 years getting comfortable around, Gone. Replaced by hundreds of other people in college.
I’m really excited to be ‘moving on’, ‘going into the world’ etc etc but its just such a shame to leave.
Now it’s like ‘oh, Michaela and her friends poked you up the bum? Oh yeah that’s normal’ to ‘she did WHAT? What a weirdo.’ And I’m really quite sad.
My bestfriends aren’t in college with me, they’re in sixth form or at different colleges.
Who will I sit with at break and lunch?
Who will I mess around with in lessons?
Who will I run up to with gossip?
Waah! The first few weeks are going to be tough. I don’t want to make new friends. I want to keep all mine that ate my friends now. I can’t imagine being friends with anybody else, noone could ever be as close to me, replace them or be as special to me as they are.
I’m listening to take thats ‘never forget’ and it’s making me cry.