Hello world!

Welcome to my Blog, started 16th october 2012.
I suppose I will take this opportunity to introduce myself and my ‘Blog’
My full name is Michaela Tracey Garnett. Can’t say I like it much, yet it’s my name and I can’t do anything about it. If you google it, you will see that I have written a book, one of a teenage Fiction genre entitled ‘Away with the fairies.’ Although the literary content could be better, as I was only 13 when it was published.
I am 15, and my birthday is the 10th August which makes me one of the youngest of my year. I am in the last year of High school, (Y11) and teaching is my ultimate aspiration.
I’m new to this ‘blog’ palava, yet It looks enjoyable, so I hope I have enough to say to keep people interested.
I plan to blog about the usual,  highschool, travelling, anything else I feel like ranting about.
I hope I can humor and entertain you enough!
Love Michaela. X